Ways to Take Cannabis Without Smoking: The Best Alternatives

As time goes on, more people try to find ways to take cannabis without smoking it. By far, the most traditional way is to smoke it. You likely remember your very first time, inhaling the smoke and trying to figure out how long to pull before facing the inevitable cough.

In the past, the idea of smoking marijuana led many to avoid using it at all, but today, thanks to technology, there are many options when you want to try marijuana. From vaping to edibles, there are a lot of methods to choose from and each has its own benefits.

Ways to Take Cannabis Without Smoking

1. Vaporizing

Also known as vaping, vaporizing gets you the same type of high as smoking pot but is far less harsh and may be a healthier alternative. Compared to smoking a joint, when you vaporize cannabis, it doesn’t burn the flower; instead, it vaporizes the compounds at a lower temperature.

This, in turn, relates to a better taste as well as making it easier for your lungs. It’s important though that you find the right vaporizer and accessories to get the highest quality hits.

Some of the most important things to look for when choosing a vaporizer include:

  • Temperature Control: With temperature control, you can choose the heat at which the flower will turn into vapor. This also allows you to decide how warm you want your pulls to be, as some people prefer cooler pulls and others prefer warmer “chest hits”.
  • Size: The size of your vaporizer will also have a significant impact on how convenient it is to consume your weed. Larger tabletop models are ideal for at-home use and smaller models are perfect for on-the-go use.
  • Price: Unless you’re someone who regularly consumes marijuana, you shouldn’t need to invest a lot of money into a vaporizer. You’ll simply want a mod that is designed to work, rather than give you the highest quality pulls.

2. Edibles

There are many people who don’t like the idea of inhaling marijuana at all, and luckily, there is another option known as an edible. Edibles are designed to give you a full body high more than a mental high and they are typically delicious when baked correctly. All edibles are either in the form of drinks or foods, as long as the recipe requires oil or butter.

To safely and properly create edibles, you will either need to purchase or make your own cannabutter. If you’re not interested in dealing with dosing and making your own, you can easily buy edibles from any dispensary in your area. The most interesting thing about them is that they come in many shapes and sizes.

Many people enjoy gummy bear edibles or other candy varieties. You can also find graham crackers, lemonade, and cookies. Brownies are also a foolproof cannabutter recipe that you can easily make on your own at home.

Compared to smoking, edibles take a little longer to work and in some cases, you may not feel them at all. It’s highly recommended that you take the appropriate dose and wait a couple of hours before ingesting more. Otherwise, you could be faced with a very heavy high that you weren’t originally prepared for.

Remember, as these cannabis-infused treats go through your body’s digestive process, it can take a few hours to feel any type of high. It will also have far more psychoactive effects than vaporizing or smoking marijuana.

3. Tinctures

Tinctures are incredibly popular for both THC and CBD, as they’re easily available and very easy to consume. A tincture is a liquid infused with cannabis compounds and ingestible alcohol. You typically place one to two drops of a tincture under your tongue, so it immediately enters your bloodstream.

One of the main reasons as to why you might prefer tinctures is that they work incredibly quickly and make dosing easier than with other methods of ingestion. You can also find them in different potencies, and flavors. They’re also commonly used for medical prescriptions.

4. Ingestible Oils

Compared to tinctures, ingestible oils are another way for you to consume cannabis-infused liquids. They are also taken orally, though you’ll typically find them available in capsules or in variations that you can add into your own food and drinks. The main thing to note about ingestible oils is they provide a full body psychoactive high, similar to edibles.

They will also take one to two hours, if not longer, to kick in so it’s important you pay close attention to your dosage.

5. Dabbing

Depending on who you ask, you might hear a lot of positive or negative things about dabbing. The public opinion finds that it’s one of the more dangerous ways to consume cannabis because of its highly potent. However, dabbing enthusiasts prefer this method as it gives you a cleaner experience and it doesn’t require smoke.

When dabbing, you’ll need a special water pipe that has a heating attachment. The heating attachment flash-vaporizes the cannabis concentrates with the use of a butane torch. Due to the high level of heat, you’re going to have an exceptionally refined cannabis concentrate at your disposal.

It is highly recommended, though, that you wait to try a dab until you’ve had a lot of experience with consuming marijuana in its various forms. This is because the high is said to be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. In addition, the gear needed for a dab requires more experience than something as simple as a traditional vaporizer.

6. Topical Ointments

There have been studies that explored the benefits of cannabis as a topical ointment for inflammation and pain. Participants in the studies have found that a regulated application of cannabis ointments have assisted with diminishing localized pain and soreness. This also applies to CBD ointments that don’t have any concentration of THC.

An added benefit of topical ointments is that they are said to not provide any psychoactive effects, which is ideal for individuals who are regularly drug tested but are looking for alternative pain therapy. Topicals are available in many different forms ranging from creams to light oils that can be applied relatively anywhere.

Final Thoughts

When looking into ways to take cannabis without smoking, you’re likely to find at least six methods. With healthier alternatives to combusting the flower and inhaling it into your lungs, these options are surely something to look into.

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