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Vape. Vaping man in a cloud of vapor. Photo is taken in a vape bar ( shop ).

Are Vaporizer Devices Likely to Catch Fire or Explode? Preventative Safety Steps to Follow

Quick Navigation Are Vaporizer Devices Dangerous?Choosing a Safe VaporizerGo for pure titanium and not titanium alloy.Choose a vaporizer that allows you to control its temperature.Some units have more safety features than others.More Tips on How to Care for Your BatteryKeep your batteries in good condition.Use quality vaping accessories.Always turn off your unit when not in […]

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Young man with beard vaping an electronic cigarette outdoor. hipster smoke vaporizer.

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking a Blunt or Joint?

Quick Navigation How Does an E-Cigarette Work?Is It Safe to Use?Smoking vs. Vaping WeedSmoking marijuana can cause respiratory issues.A lot of weed goes up in flames when you smoke it.Vaping is simply more enjoyable.The Health Risks of Smoking a JointRolling papers are bleached.Your joint is possibly steeped with chemicals.Smoking your joint will cause second-hand smoke.Conclusion […]

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A set of different tube e-cigarettes for vaping or electronic smoking

Vaporizer Model Types Rated as the Safest

Quick Navigation Smoking vs. Vaping MarijuanaWhy Vaporizers to ExplodeA Loose BatteryFake Vaping Gear and AccessoriesImproper ChargingA Full-Mech ModHow to Choose the Safest Mod to UseSafety FeaturesHigh-Quality MaterialProper Attachments and AccessoriesConclusion Vaping is definitely one of the safest ways of taking marijuana, especially when compared to smoking it. A lot of studies have been done that […]

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man covered with vape smoke

HONEYstick Phantom Review

Quick Navigation HONEYstick Phantom ReviewWho Is This Product For?What’s Included?Overview of the FeaturesTutorialTurning Up the LuxuryAlternatives for Oil OnlyAlternative for Concentrate OnlyDUAL QUARTZ ROD ATOMIZERTHREE OPTIMIZED TEMPERATURESConclusion Cannabis or ‘Weed’ is now available in just about any form from dry herb, to oil, wax, resin or ‘shatter’. A relatively new method for ingesting it involves […]

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