Vaporizer Model Types Rated as the Safest

Vaping is definitely one of the safest ways of taking marijuana, especially when compared to smoking it. A lot of studies have been done that prove just how dangerous smoking is for the body, not only due to the inhalation of harmful burnt elements but also because of the chemicals that rolling papers are made with.

Smoking vs. Vaping Marijuana

The problem is, vaping is currently being demonized, with news of vaporizer devices catching flames and exploding on people’s faces. These have led a lot of people to believe that maybe smoking is not that bad after all. You will get respiratory health issues in the long run for sure, but at least you will get to keep your face intact, right?


Vaping is a safer alternative, and if you keep the death toll into consideration, the number of people who died due to vaporizer-related accidents are still significantly less than every smoker who dies from lung cancer. What’s more problematic is the fact that these news segments seem to highlight only these mishaps, which, by the way, can all be easily avoided, rather than the benefits of switching to vaping.

Don’t worry, though. We are going to change that today. Here, we are going to teach you how to choose a safe vaporizer device, as well as share with you some tips on how to use your vape wisely and safely. Let’s get started!

Why Vaporizers to Explode

Before we talk about how to choose the right vaporizer device, let’s first discuss what causes vaporizer devices to explode. In this way, you will be better equipped to decide whether or not vaporizers are indeed dangerous.

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A Loose Battery

You know what’s funny about news reports? The fact that they are quick to tell people that a vaporizer exploded even when, in truth, only a loose battery did.

This is very common, especially for those who store batteries with their keys and coins. Vaporizer batteries can be very sensitive when they come into contact with metal objects.

If you want to avoid your pockets from catching fire, don’t put a loose battery there in the first place. Better yet, don’t store your batteries near any metal object at all. The best thing to do is to get a plastic case for your battery to keep it safe from not only metal contact but also from nicks and dents.

Fake Vaping Gear and Accessories

This is not just limited to fake vaporizers; there are counterfeit batteries and battery chargers that you should be wary of too.

Here’s a quick tip: if a vaping product is unbelievably cheap and you think you’re getting a sweet score, then it’s best to avoid the deal. Instead, invest in high-quality gear with additional safety features.

Improper Charging

Always use the dedicated charger of your vaporizer or battery when charging them. Almost everything can be charged using a basic USB cable these days, but it doesn’t mean that, just because these cables and ports fit, they’re all compatible with each other.

Again, as we have mentioned above, take the time to research the best products out there and invest in them. A smart battery charger with additional safety features will be worth every penny.

Finally, please don’t charge your batteries all night. In fact, don’t leave your battery to charge unattended at all! These are recipes for a disaster.

A Full-Mech Mod

A full-mech mod refers to a vaporizer that solely relies on the raw power of the battery to heat the heating element of the device. These mods can be really powerful and flavorful, which is why there are still a lot of people who purchase them.

However, it also limits your control over the device, not to mention that it’s more prone to overheating. Because of these, we recommend using a variable mod instead. This will allow you to adjust the settings of your mod accordingly.

How to Choose the Safest Mod to Use

Anyway, now that we know the main culprits to avoid, we can already talk about the things that we shouldn’t avoid, but in fact, welcome in a mod. Here they are:

Safety Features

Some vaporizers are built with safety measures such as the prevention of auto-firing, the prevention of powering on if the battery wasn’t inserted correctly, and an auto-shutoff feature that activates when your unit reaches a certain temperature. You’d want these features on your mod.

High-Quality Material

Another thing to look into is the materials that your mod is made with. For instance, getting one whose components are made of pure titanium is definitely better than one that’s only made with titanium alloy.

There are a lot of metal alloys that haven’t been tested yet and may cause serious health issues later on if used for vaping every day.

Avoid one that’s made out of Teflon as well. This is the material commonly used for non-stick pans. The problem is, they can actually melt like butter given the right temperature. What’s worse is that you will be inhaling those toxic melted fumes. Yikes!

Proper Attachments and Accessories

Vape mod bodies are not the only ones made out of different materials. Atomizers come in many different forms as well. There are four varieties according to the materials used on them: ceramic, quartz, copper, and titanium.

While you’re at it, you might want to check out other mod attachments too, like heat-resistant drip tips. This is what you call the part that touches your lips, or where you draw the vapor from. It can prevent you from accidentally burning your lips.


By following the tips we have shared with you above, we are confident that you will not add yourself to the statistic of the people who lost their face not from vaping per se, but from doing it irresponsibly.

As a parting gift, here are some more final tips:

  • Don’t use a battery that has already been submerged in water.
  • Don’t use a weathered down battery. If the battery is still relatively new, you can replace the battery wrapping instead.
  • Replace your batteries regularly. They don’t last forever. If you notice a battery is not performing that well anymore, discard it. There’s no use to hanging on to it anyway.
  • Never stop researching. More vaping information is being released every day, and it is part of your responsibility as a vaper to keep yourself informed.

Speaking of informed, please feel free to explore our other articles as well. We have more useful tips that we want to share with you. Happy vaping!


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