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who is cartsdom and what’s their best product

Who Is Cartsdom and What’s Their Best Product?

Cannabis cartridges have become all the rage these days, especially with the emergence of vaping. However, have you ever considered how you’re going to travel with your cartridges to keep them safe? Cartsdom has an exciting product that you’ll love to get your hands on known as the Cartsdom Roulette. With a sleek and stylish appeal, it’s just as functional as it is innovative and unique.

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hemp leaves

Smell Proof Bag or Smell Proof Pouch: Which Is Better?

When choosing between a smell proof bag or smell proof pouch, there are several small details to consider. Both similarly designed for your convenience and the ability to store your weed discreetly, you could benefit from either design. However, some may find a bag to be more accessible than a pouch and vice versa. Smell […]

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weed and tobacco in a grinder

How to Make a Stash Box in Six Easy Steps

In the past, stash boxes were a necessity because you likely wanted to keep your marijuana out of plain sight.  What the box looked like was not so important but security was. Today, stash boxes can be beautifully displayed in your home as it’s becoming more legal around the world. People now want to store […]

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