Smell Proof Bag or Smell Proof Pouch: Which Is Better?

When choosing between a smell proof bag or smell proof pouch, there are several small details to consider. Both similarly designed for your convenience and the ability to store your weed discreetly, you could benefit from either design. However, some may find a bag to be more accessible than a pouch and vice versa.

Smell Proof Bag or Smell Proof Pouch

In this guide, we’ll explore the advantages of both smell proof bags and pouches as well as the most recommended products for you to use to your advantage.

The Pros of Smell Proof Bags

First, let’s delve into the details of smell proof bags. Arguably the better option for someone looking for superior organization, bags could be ideal for everyday use.

  • Internal Pouches

Instead of offering a single storage compartment, like most smell proof pouches, these unique bags come with internal pouches. You’ll have several different compartments to use to not only store your weed but all your other accessories as well. This could include your vape, rolling papers, and pipe.

If you’re the type of person that prefers to carry plenty of paraphernalia with you, it’s likely you’ll benefit the most from a bag simply because of its organizational capabilities.

  • Recommended for Travel

As most smell proof bags are equipped with built-in organizers, you may also find that they are preferable for travel. No matter if you’re spending the night at a friend’s house or if you’re taking a road trip, you’ll want to make sure your marijuana is efficiently packed. Similar to how you would want to find luggage with multiple compartments, your weed bag also needs the perfect number of storage.

You’ll safely be able to separate your weed from your other accessories. Not to mention you’ll also find it’s easier to protect delicate components such as glass pipes.

  • Discreet Design

This is a benefit that you’ll notice with both smell proof pouches and bags, but we have found the design of bags is far more discreet. The vast majority of products look similar to a mail pouch, but you can also find crossbody bags or even laptop bags designed to protect your marijuana. With their discreet design, you can bring your weed absolutely anywhere without tipping off strangers.

  • Additional High-Quality Features

As there is more that goes into the production of smell proof bags, they’re also likely to be more expensive than pouches. Thus, manufacturers are going to put more effort into their prototypes so that you get to take advantage of extra features. This may include double zippers to keep your weed fresh, padded internal pockets, and even padlocks to prevent theft.

Similar to most other products, the more you invest in a smell proof bag, the higher quality it’s likely to be and the more innovative features it will have to offer.

The Pros of Smell Proof Pouches

Now that you are aware of the benefits of smell proof bags, let’s discuss smell proof pouches. If you’re looking for a quick all-in-one solution, we highly recommend pouches as they’re easy to use and very convenient.

  • Single Compartment

Most smell proof pouches are designed similarly to tobacco pouches in that they have a single compartment to store all your valuables. At times, this may be a more preferable option, as you won’t want to sort through a variety of internal compartments to find what you need. This is especially true for people who carry a minimal amount of items with them to smoke their weed.

  • Compact Design

Compared to smell proof bags, pouches are far more compact and easy to pack in the bag you use daily. As they don’t have as many features as bags, they’re easy to fold, hold, or slip into a laptop compartment in your backpack. Since they’re so basic, you might find they’re better for travel, especially if you already have luggage that you like to use.

It’s also important to note that their seamless design attributes to how discreet pouches can be. When packed or stored in a private location, you could argue that smell proof pouches are just as discreet as smell proof bags.

Our Recommended Smell Proof Bags

There is an assortment of smell proof bags on the market to consider. These are our top choices as well as their most prevalent features you’re sure to appreciate.

1. Helmet Head Smell Proof Bag

With a style that is quite similar to a smell proof pouch, this unassuming bag comes loaded with a ton of features ideal for every type of weed smoker.

  • Activated Carbon Layers: With the help of activated carbon layers, you’ll appreciate how effective the bag is at trapping smells. This helps to avoid unwanted attention when in public and according to the manufacturer, it even prevents dogs from knowing what is inside of the bag.
  • Combination Lock: To keep your stash safe regardless of where it is stored, there is a combination lock included on the outside of the bag.
  • Weatherproof: The outer shell of this weed bag is water resistant and will protect your belongings from the heat and cold.

2. Ozchin Smell Proof Bag

One of the main things to appreciate about the Ozchin Smell Proof Bag is that it looks similar to a lunch bag, which is ideal for discreetly storing your weed. Some of the other features it offers include:

  • Carbon Lining: Designed to keep your stash fresh and odor proof, the bag is lined with eight layers of activated carbon.
  • Water-Resistant: The outer shell of the bag is made from nylon, which is a naturally water-resistant material.
  • Built-In Organizer: Inside the bag, there are three removable Velcro compartments which you can use to sufficiently organize your belongings. They are thick and made from anti-tear materials, preserving the integrity of the compartments.

3. Formline Smell Proof Bag

At first glance, the Formline Smell Proof Bag looks quite similar to a smell proof pouch, which makes it the perfect option for someone who can’t decide between a bag or a pouch. Our favorite features of the bag include:

  • Activated Carbon Lining: Similar to the other bags and pouches in this guide, this weed bag features activated carbon lining as well as a high-quality 600D fabric that prevents odors. In addition, it helps to keep the products fresh when stored inside.
  • Mesh Organizers: Inside the bag, you’ll notice there are a few mesh pocket organizers which you can use to secure your accessories.
  • Velcro Closure: You’ll easily be able to seal and re-seal the bag using the Velcro closure instead of using a traditional zipper.

4. Herbguard Smell Proof Bag

The features of the Herbguard Smell Proof Bag are quite useful and will be put to good use on a daily basis. Some of the most notable features include:

  • Re-Sealable Baggies: Inside the bag, there are two, four by six plastic baggies that you can use to keep your weed and accessories safe. They are designed to be easy to re-seal.
  • Built-In Combination Lock: With the help of the built-in lock, you’ll be able to keep all your products safe while you travel by using a passcode of your choice.

Our Recommended Smell Proof Pouches

Pouches may be a better alternative for having easy access to your weed. These are our top choices for the best smell proof pouches money can buy.

1. Jubilee Bags Smell Proof Pouch

The most notable features of this smell proof pouch include:

  • Multiple Layers: With the combination of double-lined carbon layers as well as a mesh fiber layer, you can guarantee the toughest scents will be absorbed.
  • Compartment Organizer: Inside the pouch, you’ll notice a compartment organizer insert. It also includes elastic bands to secure your accessories.
  • Waterproof: The zipper and the exterior of the pouch are both weather-resistant to keep your weed dry and fresh.

2. YF Smell Proof Pouch

Our favorite features of the YF Smell Proof Pouch include:

  • Carbon Fabric: With a single layer of carbon fabric, odors will be eliminated and disguised when you are carrying the bag.
  • Discreet Design: All logos on the bag are hidden, so you can easily and discreetly transport your weed without drawing unnecessary attention.

3. Happy Nordic Stash Pouch

The top-rated features of this stash pouch include:

  • Waterproof: Every layer of fabric used to design the Happy Nordic pouch is 100% waterproof, which keeps your weed dry, fresh, and safe in all conditions.
  • Dog-Tested: According to the manufacturer, this pouch has been tested with dogs to ensure your weed will be unassumingly and safely stored.
  • Activated Carbon Lining: To assist with absorbing smells and keeping your marijuana fresh, this pouch features activated carbon lining.
  • Zipper and Velcro Closures: With the combination of Velcro and zipper closures, you’ll have an extra layer of defense against the weather which could damage your weed.

4. Smart Stash Smell Proof Pouch

Our favorite features of the Smart Strash Smell Proof Pouch include:

  • Carbon Fiber Traps: Built with pockets of carbon fiber, all smells will be trapped so that they don’t make their way into the room.
  • Cushioning: With built-in cushioning, all your accessories will be fully protected when stored in the bag.
  • Easy to Use: With the help of the double seal, you can easily open and close the bag as necessary while maintaining a high-quality seal. This pouch also features a built-in airtight plastic bag for added protection.

The Verdict

Overall, we recommended either a smell proof bag or smell proof pouch for different purposes.

If you want a superior organization, you’ll want to consider investing in a smell proof bag. On the contrary, if you simply need an extra pocket to store your weed in your favorite bag, you’ll want to consider a pouch. With plenty of benefits including airtight seals and waterproof materials, you can easily and discreetly transport your weed with both designs.

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