Should CBD Oil Be Refrigerated?

CBD oil is viscous and will turn rancid if improperly stored. However, due to the nature of oil, refrigeration is not necessary but rather helpful.

The carrier oil in which CBD is stored needs nothing more than a cool, dark place and an airtight container to maintain its integrity.

A fridge happens to fulfil these properties but the cold does nothing more than make the oil thicken.

Here we’ll be explaining why CBD oil doesn’t need immediate refrigeration while showing you the best ways to keep your concentration of CBD safe.

CBD Degradation

All cannabinoids will degrade through prolonged exposure to heat, light, and oxygen. Control these three elements and you will prolong the life of your CBD oil. All infused products will benefit from being stored in a refrigerator, not just cannabis.

CBD oil which is stored in the fridge will become harder to dispense. It’s generally best to store your cannabis oil for immediate use in a cupboard while storing the majority of your product in the fridge. If you have a cool, dark basement, this could actually be better than keeping your oil in the fridge when considering how often it is opened.

Total Shelf Life

Total Shelf Life

CBD oil, which is being properly stored in either a refrigerator or a cool, dark basement, typically carries a maximum shelf life of 12-14 months. This assumes the CBD oil remains unopened and once opened the shelf life varies on exposure to light, air and the container of storage.

The Stability of CBD Oil

Cannabis oil is a largely stable compound, however, its psychoactive component THC has relatively high instability. Medical marijuana users will not need to worry about this factor as the THC concentration remains under 3% in legal states of the US, and the “high” is not the effect sought after.

Studies show that after five years of storage in an ethanol/propylene glycol solution, the only thing that degraded was the THC. The same study showed that cannabinol (CBN) and cannabidiol (CBD) remains stable when stored at between 4°C and 22°C, or 39.2°F and 71.6°F.

Which Container?

Infused products should generally be kept in the container that they were supplied in. The only time to transfer your product is when its stored in plastic or a plastic bag. Opaque glass jars which seal airtight are the best. You want your CBD oil to be protected from exposure to light and air. Some users go as far as wrapping the container in foil to further protect it from exposure to light.

Long-term Storage Solutions

If you’re going to be storing your CBD oil for over a year then you will get better longevity by freezing it completely. Frozen CBD oil will melt once it is thawed to 74° and above. At roughly 74° most frozen CBD oil returns to a paste.

Tinctures Containing CBD Oil

Tinctures Containing CBD Oil

Tinctures and salves have among the longest shelf life. Their constituents will remain intact even after decades when stored in a fridge or freezer. The quality of the extraction, storage and the carrier all make a difference but tinctures extracted using alcohol have near indefinite storage duration when frozen.

Edibles Containing CBD Oil

Each edible will carry a distinctly different perishability however if you want to keep the CBD intact then pack them properly. If the packaging is damaged and inadequate once opened, store your edibles wrapped in wax paper or foil which is then placed in an air-tight container. Keep them in the fridge to keep them as fresh as possible.

How to Tell if My Oil has Expired?

Any expired oil is instantly recognizable by its rancid smell. Some experts believe that CBD oil has a near-indefinite shelf life so you don’t need to worry about whether your oil is off or not. As soon as it develops a rancid smell you’ll know that it has expired and is ready to throw away.

Keep Your CBD Oil Out of Direct Light

When stored correctly cannabis oils can last for years. Any slight degradation is normally negated when CBD oil is kept in the right container, in the refrigerator. Light is the biggest factor in CBD oil losing integrity.

Even THC retains its stability when stored in a cold place in total darkness. No decay can occur to any of the constituents. If you’re going to be keeping your oil in the fridge then make sure that it’s put in a container which doesn’t come into contact with light every time that you open the door.

All good CBD oils will come with storage instructions but not require refrigeration unless they are using a carrier or ingredient which needs it. If you’ve got a product containing CBD oil and other components then they may need a cold temperature in order to retain the CBD ingredient to stop the oil from going rancid too quickly.

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