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What We Like

  • Reasonable prices
  • Provides top-tier information

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  • Doesn’t accept PayPal payments

When it comes to cultivating your marijuana plants in the comfort of your home, the most significant part of the growing process is ensuring you have high-quality seeds.With the help of specialized breeding, you can now purchase seeds that are a specific strain and maintain a relatively consistent and high yield each time you grow it.

Getting your hands on these seeds is more challenging without relying on a seed bank. That being said, we looked into Sensi Seeds to give you a thorough idea of the brand and the quality of their seeds in this Sensi Seeds review. 


Sensi Seeds Review

Sensi Seeds

What Sensi Seeds has accomplished over the last 30 years is extremely impressive. Not only are they one of the largest cannabis seed banks in the world, but they are the pioneers of the industry and are world-renown. Their genetics are so trusted that even the Dutch government chose them to develop medicinal cannabis.The brand consistently works to enhance their genetics, and they strive for the world to accept cannabis as a whole. Their drive to bring awareness to marijuana and its ability to enrich people’s lives led them to open The Hash Marijuana and Hemp Museum, which is the world’s first cannabis museum.They also regularly host the Cannabis Culture awards. Since the outlook on cannabis is changing every day and countries are legalizing marijuana, they promise to remain at the front of all developments.

Who is this product for?

When looking at seeds and the various other products that the company offers to their customers, their products are ideal for commercial, medicinal, and recreational marijuana cultivators. The company does require that you be over the age of 18 to purchase their seeds and accepts no responsibility for falsified customer information that was entered during the ordering process.Their seeds are also only recommended to growers who are current on their location’s cannabis laws, as the company holds no responsibility in that respect.

What’s included?

What you receive when you purchase from the website varies depending on what you are buying. If you buy one of their vaporizers, you receive a package with more information and parts that you receive with seeds. For the sake of the review, we will just look at the seeds.When you buy, you will receive a small package that includes the number of seeds that you’ve purchased. The cannabis seeds typically come in quantities of three, five, and ten, and also include all information such as indica or sativa percentage, yield, flowering time, and the type of seed.

Overview of features

Sensi Seeds has spent years developing and expanding their product selections for new and current customers. Their vast line of products makes it exceptionally easy to find everything that you need, all in one place.The company has an astonishing inventory of over 500 cannabis seeds with some strains available to be purchased already feminized or as an auto-flowering seed. In addition to selling high-quality seeds with detailed information on each strain and offering customer reviews, Sensi Seeds also has options for a variety of other products.They have a range of different types of CBD oil, medicinal cannabis strains, vaporizers, medicinal books, a range of hemp products, streetwear, accessories, and even hemp food. The company also provides a separate section with information on strains that are ideal for those who are new to the cannabis cultivation process. There are also blogs that provide current information on cannabis news, including laws and legalization, from around the world.

How to Germinate and Transplant Auto-flowering Seeds?

While the process of germinating and transplanting auto-flowering seeds is relatively the same as the process for regular seeds, we still wanted to provide you with accurate and useful information in case you’re new to cultivating auto-flowering seeds.We were able to find a great video, with a moderately professional set-up, that clearly displays both the germinating and transplanting process, as well as explains the time it takes for the seedlings to sprout properly.Let’s take a look at how an experienced auto-flowering seed cultivator germinates and transplants the seeds.


Sensi Seeds is the pioneer of the cannabis seed industry, but there are also many other reputable seed banks that you can make your purchases from. Marijuana Seeds Netherlands is a fantastic seed bank that offers a wide variety of regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds. Many of their strains can be purchased in high quantities that stem from ten seeds all the way up to 500 seeds for wholesalers.


Each seed that you are interested in provides you with thorough information such as flowering time, THC content, yield, and plant type. While the company is based out of the Netherlands, they do ship internationally and discreetly. Customers receive reward points with each purchase as long as they are registered, which can be applied to other purchases down the road. They also offer value packs for those looking for a deal. 


Sensi Seeds provided very reliable and healthy seeds. Our experience with the brand was great, and they are definitely a seed bank that we will return to.

Their vast knowledge, wide range of seeds and products, brand history, customer service, and mission statements are all factors that set them at the top of the podium. Regardless of the type of strain you are looking for, the company is bound to have it in their inventory of over 500 cannabis seeds. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the cultivation process or have been growing on your own for ages, you can find what you need at Sensi Seeds.


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