Safest Way to Consume Marijuana: Which Is Best?

There are several different ways to consume cannabis. Some users have restricted their consumption to just one or two ways, but it is entirely possible to try out and experiment with other methods.

Keep in mind that the way you consume cannabis can have a direct impact on its physical and mental benefits. As such, which is the safest way to consume marijuana? We will highlight the options here.

Safest Way to Consume Marijuana: The Different Methods

There are essentially three primary methods by which you can consume cannabis. They are topically, orally, and through inhalation.

Within each of these categories are further subsets of consumption. That is to say that there are different techniques that can be used to enjoy cannabis within each of the primary consumption methods.

1. Topical Consumption

An administration of topical cannabis uses a full cannabis extract. That extract is a thick oil that has been processed to activate the cannabinoids. Once activated, those cannabinoids can be absorbed right through the skin.

The effects you get from topical consumption are different than those you get from other consumption methods. For example, they do not give you cerebral stimulation, which means that you do not feel “high” with a topical consumption.

As such, topical consumption of cannabis is most often used by those who need to keep a clear head but are also looking for pain relief in a localized area.

2. Oral Consumption

Oral consumption of cannabis includes any techniques that include administering cannabis through the mouth. This includes cannabis-infused drinks and food, oils that are ingested, and tinctures.

Ingestible Oils

These oils provide a middle ground between concentrates and edibles. They get swallowed and then digested, similar to a product that is infused with cannabis.

However, these have a consistency that is more like oil. The oil can be put into capsules, which can then be ingested or eaten directly.


A tincture is a cannabis extract in liquid form. It is usually used by consumers who want to be able to control their cannabis dose easily and who also want to receive cannabis effects quickly and without the health risks that come with smoking.

In most instances, alcohol is what is used as the solvent, and that alcohol should have a proof that is higher than 80. While alcohol is used most often, other liquids that are fat-soluble can also be used, including glycerol and vinegar.

It is most common to place three or four drops right under the tongue, which then gets absorbed right away and does not need to be swallowed and digested.


The effects you get from drinking or eating cannabis are much different than those you get from other delivery methods that enter the bloodstream right away, such as vaping or smoking.

An edible is defined as any food that contains cannabis. Edibles have effects that last longer and are usually more powerful.

3. Inhalation

Most people are most familiar with inhalation as the primary way to consume cannabis. When inhaled, the gases from the cannabis go into the lungs and are then absorbed into the bloodstream.

There are two common ways to use inhalation as your method for consuming cannabis. They are vaporization and smoking.


This is considered the most prevalent way of consuming cannabis. There are plenty of variations when it comes to smoking. There are also a number of accessories you can use when smoking cannabis.

With that said, vaporization has also gotten a strong hold on consumer use. That is because it is considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking.

The actual effects of smoking cannabis are widely debated. However, it is also widely accepted that methods that do not involve smoking are less risky and are preferred from a medical standpoint.

There are a number of devices available if smoking is your consumption method of choice. These include water pipes, hand pipes, hookahs, and rolling papers. Each method provides its own unique experience for the user.

Water Pipes

There are a few different variations when it comes to water pipes. Some of the options include bubbles and bongs. There are several different designs and styles available, which you can choose according to your personal taste.

There is some talk of there being a health benefit to using water. However, that is still largely debated.

Hand Pipes

This is likely the smoking device most often used. It is very convenient, along with being easily transported and straightforward to use. They are often small in size, which means that they are also discreet when needed.

A hand pipe works by trapping the smoke that comes from the act of the cannabis burning. Then, you just inhale the smoke.


Hookahs are not overly common. In fact, hookahs are not often used to smoke cannabis on its own. That is because of the lower water content, which can cause the plant to be too fast for inhalation. This can lead to a lot of wasted herbs.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are usually used to make blunts or joints. Blunts are just cannabis that is rolled in cigar paper, which is made from nicotine and tobacco.

Joints are cannabis that has been rolled in paper. That paper can be comprised of a number of things, including bamboo, rice, and hemp.


Vaporization is a consumption method most preferred by those who are health-conscious as well as those who are more experienced with consuming cannabis.

A vaporizer heats the herb pretty steadily to a temperature that is high enough to get out the CBD, THC, and cannabinoids from the cannabis. At the same time, the temperature also needs to be the perfect temperature to avoid releasing harmful toxins.


It is far more widely accepted to consume cannabis than it ever has been in the past. Many states have legalized its consumption, and more people are able to consume it either for recreational use or for its many medicinal purposes.

If you ask us, the safest way to consume marijuana is by using a vaporizer or vape pen. Basically, vaporization can reduce many of the health risks that come along with smoking. There is also a lot less odor associated with vaporization compared to smoking.

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