Roleadro 600W Reflector LED Grow Light

Roleadro 600W Reflector LED Grow Light: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Roleadro 600W Reflector LED Grow Light

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What We Like

  • High quality LED chips
  • Full spectrum coverage
  • 60-degree reflector cup
  • Cooling fans and heat sinks included
  • Daisy chain compatibility

What We Don’t Like

  • Can’t adjust the intensity of the lights without adjusting the height
  • Can’t adjust light beam angle

Growing marijuana indoors is demanding, but it can be fruitful and satisfying, especially when your growing system includes a reliable LED grow light. A quality LED growth light will provide the illumination your cannabis needs to develop, without burning it or leaving it skewed. With its 600W Reflector LED Grow Light, Roleadro has produced one such quality LED growth light. We’re go be examining what makes the brand’s offering so noteworthy in today’s article.


Roleadro 600W Reflector LED Grow Light Review

The Roleadro 600W Reflector LED Grow Light is impressive both in its appearance and its performance and has proven a popular choice among experienced indoor gardeners. Whether you are growing marijuana or something more traditional, a large plant calls for a large lamp and the Roleadro 600W Reflector LED Grow Light more than fits the bill.

Who is this product for?

The Roleadro 600W Reflector LED Grow Light is a great choice for those attempting to provide large plants or multiple small plants with a source of comprehensive light. Given that it is capable of running for 24 hours without overheating, this lamp should be considered if you want to streamline the growth of your plants or if you simply find yourself out of the house for extended periods of time and can’t always be certain you will be there to power your chosen lamp down.

It is important to note that Roleadro designed this lamp to be suspended as opposed to standing upright, which means it may not be a possibility for those who can’t alter their lodging or aren’t confident in their skills as a handyman. Furthermore, at its price point, the Roleadro 600W Reflector LED Grow Light is far from ideal if you’re trying to keep costs down while growing your marijuana indoors.

What’s included?

When you purchase the Roleadro 600W Reflector LED Grow Light, you will receive everything you need to set it up and get it working. Inside the box, you will find the grow light itself, accompanied by a power cord and a stainless steel hanger. To facilitate the easy installation of the lamp, Roleadro packages each unit with a comprehensive user’s manual. Similarly, each unit comes backed by the manufacturer’s 12-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

Overview of features

The Roleadro 600W Reflector LED Grow Light takes its name from its reflector cup design. This design allows the lamp to provide more intense illumination than many other lamps in its price range, virtually guaranteeing uniform coverage of all plants placed beneath it and promoting speedy growth. One of the coolest features of this lamp is what Roleadro describes as its “daisy-chain connectivity.”

This daisy-chain connectivity allows the 600W Reflector LED Grow Light to be connected to other LED grow lights and powered by a single cord, which makes it a good choice for those with an extensive collection of plants growing in their garden. There are few LED grow lamps which can rival this Roleadro model when it comes to longevity.

If its manufacturer is to be believed, the 600W Reflector LED Grow Light boasts a lifespan of a staggering 50,000 hours.


If you’re planning on adding the Roleadro 6000W Reflector LED Grow Light to your indoor gardening system, we recommend watching the below video. In it, you will be guided through the process of installing such an LED lamp, so you’ll know exactly what to do when your model arrives on your doorstep.


The Roleadro 600W Reflector LED Grow Light is certainly impressive and effective, but it won’t suit the needs of all indoor growers of marijuana. If you are hoping to keep costs down in your search for an LED lamp, this offering from Roleadro is not for you. As an alternative, you may want to consider the Relassy LED Grow Lamp.

Selling for the significantly less than its Roleadro counterpart, the Relassy LED Grow Lamp is also less space-consuming and can be installed with greater simplicity as it does not require suspension. This offering from Relassy provides red light, blue light, green light, IR light, and UV light, so it can be relied upon to give your plant everything it needs to grow to maturity without complications.


For those who are new to growing marijuana indoors, the Roleadro 600W Reflector LED Grow Light may be a difficult purchase to justify. For more experienced growers, however, it is more than deserving of a spot at the top of the shopping list.

Promising uniform plant coverage and intense illumination, this grow lamp is ideal for those tending to more than one plant at a time. Similarly, its daisy-chain connectivity allows the 600W Reflector LED Grow Light to be paired with other LED grow lamps with ease, making it ideal for large indoor gardens and dedicated growers.


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  1. You actually make it seem so easy with your article but I find the technical stuff about lights really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complex.

    • Yeah, I find this stuff challenging too, I mean the technical stuff about lighting.

      • Hi Tillie, See the response to Percy. If you are growing in a basement area and have to use artificial light then it is an important topic. Plants need exposure to certain light spectra (wavelength/colors) to thrive and cannabis can do better under grow-lights than outdoors in natural light. Main challenge is setting up and also venting your space if it is a small grow tent as it will be warmed by the light source. You may need a little technical or handyman help with lights and fans if DIY is not your thing. Cheers.

    • This is a topic that is important where we are. Can’t grow much in these cold conditions…

      • Hi Ed, Thanks for the comment. I guess you are getting the polar weather conditions I have been reading about. Indoor growing would be your best bet, sure. Lighting is a big part of growing your plants successfully. LED lighting is a popular choice with the lamp type having a long life, better energy efficiency and cooler operation. Colour balance is also important for various stages of the grow-cycle and LED systems can offer a versatile solution. Initial purchase cost can be higher, but I think this is the best choice. Cheers.

    • 64774 158442Glad to be one of many visitors on this awesome website: D. 171874

    • So if yr setting up a grow area do you reckon LED is the best lighting to make yr plants grow fast?

      • Hi Maurita, If you are growing your plants inside then you really want an artificial light source to help them mature quickly. It sounds like you are just growing a few plants so LED would be my suggestion. LED lighting is easy on power consumption and stays a lot cooler than HPS or other lighting options. You can also filter the right end of the spectrum to get the best results. You can do that with other forms of lighting too but in terms of simplicity, weight, energy consumption and fewer problems with controlling heat and humidity in your growing room or growing tent, then LED would be my choice. Check out the ‘Grow Light Advice’ archives.

    • Hi Percy, Please take a look at the section on lights under the ‘GROW’ tab, specifically the sub-tab ‘Grow Light Advice‘. Hopefully, the articles under that sub-tab will answer most of your problems on the technical aspects of lights. Hopefully enough understanding to help you make an informed selection if you are setting up as a beginner, to get your home growing rig off the ground. If you are still having problems, please contact me using the contact box on the homepage. Cheers!

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