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PUREDOSE® Micelle Liposomal Mushroom Mindboost

PUREDOSE® Micelle Liposomal Mushroom Mindboost
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INGREDIENTS: Organic Non-GMO Sunflower Oil containing Organic Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin (contains Phosphatidylcholine for Liposomal formulations for bioavailability), Organic Non-GMO Glycerin, Organic Non-GMO Almond Butter, Organic Non-GMO Mushroom Extracts (composed of the following: King Trumpet Mushroom Powder, Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, Antrodia Mushroom Powder, Maitake Mushroom Powder, and Reishi Mushroom Powder), Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic and Non-GMO Green Tea Extract (contains EGCG), Less than 0.3% Organic Non-GMO Vitamin E (as D Alpha Tocopherol from Sunflower Oil, an antioxidant to protect flavor and color – used to produce Micelles for bioavailability), Organic Non-GMO Vanilla Extract, and Cocoa Extract.

Mushroom Mindboost formula (Turkey Tail, King Trumpet, Antrodia Camphorata, Reishi, Maitake) with almond chocolate flavor contain bioactive compounds that can help support the health of the immune system, brain, heart, gut, and more.

Using a patented delivery technology, Purality Health® Micelle Liposomal Mushroom Mindboost is designed to be absorbed and used by your body. This means you can actually experience the amazing health benefits of these powerful mushrooms and the compounds they contain.

Here are eight benefits of our five mushrooms along with some key features that make our formula stand out:


Brain health – A major benefit to medicinal mushrooms such as these is how they promote the health of your brain and overall cognition. For example, turkey tail and reishi have both been shown to lower the risk of cognitive decline by protecting against neurodegeneration. And the polysaccharides in maitake have been shown to improve memory. Additionally, thanks to the amino acid L-ergothioneine, these mushrooms can help protect against cognitive decline, allowing you to age with a spry mind! [2526271234]

Boosts immunity – These mushrooms come with immune boosting properties thanks to the compounds they contain. For example, the polysaccharopeptide in turkey tail can stimulate the immune system; molecules in reishi mushroom can optimize and increase the activity of white blood cells; and antrodia camphorata has been shown to allow for a more robust immune response against disease-causing cells. [8282930]

Heart health – Supporting the health of your heart is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, mushrooms can help. Maitake and reishi have both been shown to lower cholesterol without impacting HDL (good) cholesterol levels, while also both reducing blood pressure. King trumpet has also been shown to support healthier cholesterol levels. Healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels are huge markers of a thriving heart. [3132331618]

Anti-inflammatory – Antioxidants help quell inflammation, and these mushrooms are all loaded with several types of antioxidants. Turkey tail alone contains an impressive array of unique antioxidants, including flavonoids and at least 35 different types of phenols. These types of antioxidants reduce inflammation by regulating the immune system and stimulating the release of protective compounds. [343536]

Fights fatigue – Because of their rich nutrient profile, it’s no surprise that these mushrooms can boost performance and wakefulness. For example, studies have shown that reishi can reduce fatigue in those with fatigue-causing health conditions and turkey tail has been shown to boost energy levels. [373839]

Weight loss – By regulating the bacteria in the gut, antrodia camphorata, reishi, and turkey tail have all been shown to not only reduce unwanted weight, but prevent weight gain. Research into king trumpet has also found that it can contribute to weight loss. [40414243]

Gut health – The bacteria in your gut plays a crucial role in overall health – from your mental health to your immune system. As mentioned above, these mushrooms can alter weight by positively affecting the gut microbiome. On top of that, plenty of research has found that turkey tail can not only increase the levels of beneficial bacteria in your gut, but eliminate the amount of harmful bacteria at the same time. [4445]

Fights disease – ALL of these mushrooms have been found to effectively fight against disease, to the point that many researchers now recommend combining them with conventional treatments. This is largely attributed to the unique compounds and molecules available in these mushrooms. [46474849505152535455565758]

Mushroom Mindboost

Key Features

Unparallelled absorption – Even if you eat these mushrooms or consume them in a powder, there’s no guarantee you can take in all of their powerful compounds. That’s why we’ve created our highly-absorbable formula. Our delivery method wraps the mushroom compounds in a series of protective layers, allowing them to safely pass through the digestive system and to the intestinal wall where they can be readily absorbed and used by your body.

Amazing taste – Our Mushroom Mindboost tastes JUST like chocolate syrup – all without sugars or artificial sweeteners!

Natural ingredients – Every ingredient in our Mushroom Mindboost formula is natural and serves a purpose to your health. There are no fillers or preservatives.

Easy-to-take – Purality Health’s PUREDOSE® Micelle Liposomal Mushroom Mindboost is in a simple liquid form that tastes like chocolatey goodness!

Free of most common allergens – Our natural formula is free of common allergens such as gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, or yeast. Purality Health’s Mushroom Mindboost contains almonds.

Crafted in the USA – Using only the finest domestic and imported ingredients, our Mushroom Mindboost is made and bottled in California within an FDA certified, GMP compliant lab.

Tested for quality assurance – Each batch of our Mushroom Mindboost is tested by a third-party licensed and accredited lab using the most advanced methods of detection. It is Prop 65 compliant and free of heavy metals. We also test each batch for radiation and lead.

Certified USDA organic lab – Our California lab is certified to USDA organic regulations. As such, we produce without the use of synthetic ingredients like chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, bio-engineering, or ionizing radiation for the non-GMO and organic requirement.

PUREDOSE® Micelle Liposomal Mushroom Mindboost
PUREDOSE® Micelle Liposomal Mushroom Mindboost
$33.75 $54

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