PowerGrow Systems Deep Water Culture System Review

PowerGrow Systems Deep Water Culture System: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: PowerGrow Systems Deep Water Culture System

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What We Like

  • Fully modular DWC hydroponic system
  • Can grow four different strains at the same time
  • Drain valve and water level indicator on each bucket
  • Decent quality pump

What We Don’t Like

  • Grow lights and grow medium are not included

A quality hydroponic system allows cannabis lovers to grow indoors, eliminating the need for a garden. In this article, we’re going to be examining one such quality hydroponic system: the PowerGrow Systems Deep Water Culture System Review examines the Deep Water Culture System offered by PowerGrow. Read on to find out if it is the right DWC system for your indoor garden.


PowerGrow Systems Deep Water Culture System Review

As well as being a popular name among growers of marijuana, PowerGrow is the go-to brand of many more traditional hydroponic horticulturists. For this reason, those who purchase PowerGrow’s Deep Water Culture System can be certain they are getting a product upon which they can rely for years.

Who is this product for?

Rarely exceeding $100 in price, this is arguably the ideal deep water culture system for those who don’t have a whole lot of money to dedicate to the art of growing marijuana indoors. With four growing buckets, this system is a great choice if you wish to develop multiple plants at once.

Each of these buckets comes in at just 10 inches, meaning even though the collection is large, it will not take up a lot of space, so apartment dwellers should certainly consider taking their business to PowerGrow Systems.

What’s included?

As mentioned in the previous section, those who purchase the PowerGrow Systems Deep Water Culture System can expect to receive four 10-inch buckets, each with a capacity of 10 gallons. Along with these four buckets, you will receive a set of pot bucket lids, a high-power oxygen/air pump, four air stones, and a water level indicator. Inside the box, you will also find a comprehensive set of instructions designed to help you get the most out of your purchase.

Overview of features

Among the major selling points of this deep water culture system is the fact that it includes four buckets, allowing you to experiment with multiple plants at a time. Because PowerGrow Systems designed all of its kits to be expandable, the brand’s customers can easily add to these four buckets should they wish to take their growing even further.

Like any good hydroponic growing kit, the PowerGrow Systems Deep Water Culture System requires 20 times less water than soil-based gardening, as well as 20 percent less space and absolutely no pesticides. The materials of each of the four buckets are FDA approved and the system itself is backed by the manufacturer’s generous one-year warranty, so you can be certain of a quality product or a refund or replacement.


Hydroponic gardening is really not more complicated than it looks, but it is nonetheless pretty challenging if you’re a newcomer or have been out of the game for a period of time. In the below video, you will see a deep water culture system in action and be shown how to successfully install and use your own.



The PowerGrow Systems Deep Water Culture System is one of our favorite DWC systems on the market by quite a significant margin, but we can totally understand why it doesn’t appeal to certain hydroponic growers. While it is an inexpensive system for what it is, its four buckets render it quite a bit more expensive than single-bucket systems. If you’re hoping to keep costs down and are willing to go with a single-bucket system to do so, we suggest taking a look at the Bubble Boy Single Shot.

A product of HTG Supply, the Bubble Boy Single Shot is a single-bucket system with a capacity of 3.5 gallons, a great choice for those content with growing one plant at a time for personal use. Ranked among the finest hydroponic systems for DWC novices, the HTG Supply Bubble Boy Single Shot features a 4-inch air stone, an adjustable dual-outlet air pump, air tubing, and a detailed instruction manual to set the customer on the path to success.

The HTG Supply Bubble Boy Single Shot can be purchased for in or around $30 from most sources, so it comes in at less than half the price of its PowerGrow Systems alternative.



For those who are new to hydroponic growing, the PowerGrow Systems Deep Water Culture System may be a little pricey, but for experienced growers and those who are certain they have more than a passing interest in the hobby, it is an absolute bargain. Choose the PowerGrow Systems Deep Water Culture System for your home and you will be able to grow four different plants to maturity at the same time, something you are unlikely to find for $100 or less anywhere else.

The material that goes into making the buckets in this system has been approved by the FDA, which, when added to the fact that hydroponics itself calls for no pesticides, ensures as natural and as safe a finished product as possible.

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