Our Top 10 Marijuana Strains with Characteristics: How Easy are they to Grow?

Whether you’re enjoying the best that summer has to offer – warm weather and good vibes, or getting cozy at home on chilly winter nights, chances are that you’d want cannabis to be a part of your day at some point to augment your experience.

Cannabis, if you don’t already know is a complex plant, in that it offers a different strain for literally any occasion. That said, here are our top 10 marijuana strains with characteristics and how easy are they to grow?

Acapulco Gold


Acapulco Gold

Regarded as one of the best strains today, Acapulco Gold, as you might’ve guessed comes from the vicinity of Acapulco, Mexico. It features a distinct appearance with orange-gold hairs that are similar to a golden nugget, with green, gold and brown resins on its buds.

When the bud is broken up, Acapulco Gold emits a burnt toffee, lemon or pine aroma, and is not an easy one to come across. It offers an energizing effect, and works well to relieve back pain, and muscle spasms from conditions like sciatica and fibromyalgia.

Acapulco Gold plants are strong and resilient, and are moderately easy to grow. To grow Acapulco Gold, you will need certain gardening skills such as temperature control, soil examination, screen of green, a hydroponic setup, light adjustment, pest control and watering schedules.

Afghan Kush


Afghan Kush

Afghani Kush is a heavy indica strain that has its roots in the Hindu Kush mountains. It is regarded as one of the first cultivated strains, and offers excellent sedation properties and resin production. It emits earthy, serious, sweet or floral aromas, and is an ideal choice to relieve depression, anxiety and some convulsive disorders.

Afghani Kush is an easy plant to take care off for knowledgeable growers, and is a beautiful plant given its deep green leaves that are packed with bountiful THC. This strain provides great relaxation effects, and generally flowers in roughly 7-8 weeks.




The AK-47 strain originates from Mexican, Afghani, Thailand or Columbian regions, and just like the rifle offers raw power that’s good to tackle depression and stress. It showcases flowery, skunky, oaky, sweet, earthiness aromas along with lots of resin, and grows at the rate of 14 ounces per square meter indoors and 14 ounces per plant indoors.

It is rated as medium difficulty to grow, and is susceptible to mold and rot in extremely wet and humid environments. AK-47 grows well in well-lit and cool climates, and does require great ventilation and clean air to prevent any dampness and molds. In terms of height, it grows to approximately 30” to 80” in height, and is a great option for indoor growers.

Our Top 10 Marijuana Strains with Characteristics How Easy are they to Grow 2

Alaskan Thunder Fuck


Alaskan Thunder Fuck Feminized

Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a hybrid of several strains including Afghani landrace, a ruderalis strain from Russia, and a north California Sativa. It is claimed to have a diverse history, and is sometimes referred to as Matanuska Tundra, Matanuska Thunder Fuck or simply ATF.

It is hearty, sweet smelling plant that grows beautifully frosted buds with remarkably string odors. ATF plants yield roughly 16 ounces per square meter when grown indoors, and 32 ounces per plant when grown outdoors. They typically flower in the month of October, and require basic gardening skills to grow including pruning, watering and trimming.



Amnesia Haze

Generally regarded as a sativa-dominant cannabis strain, Amnesia offers a clear-headed high that will make you forget your worries and woes. This stimulating and functional strain emits fragrances that are described as lemony, earthy, citrusy, woody and spicy, and is an excellent remedy for anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

Growing Amnesia indoors could yield up to 21 ounces per meter squared of space, where outdoors should allow you to harvest 25 ounces per plant. Amnesia requires medium gardening skills to grow including trimming, monitoring indoor environments closely and maintain humidity levels.

Amnesia is available from nearly all seed suppliers but we really liked the incredibly low price and great value offered at MSNL for this classic.

Blue Dream 


Blue Dream Feminized

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that hails from California, and is one of the common and illustrious strain found today. It is a great choice for both novice and veteran and seasoned users, and offers several flavors including sweet, floral, herbal, mango and pungent.

Blue Dream is a great choice for focus, depression, chronic stress, anxiety and other mood disorders. It yields roughly 21 ounces per plant when grown outdoors, and 21 ounces per meter squared when gown indoors. It requires a mid-range skill level to grown, and skills such as staking and positioning.

Our Top 10 Marijuana Strains with Characteristics How Easy are they to Grow 3




Cannatonic is an easy to grow unique hybrid strain that that is renowned for its low THC content. It is a mix of the G13 Haze male and female MK Ultra, and is often used to treat pain, migraines, anxiety, and several other physiological and psychological conditions.

It offers earthy, citrus, woody flavors, and is sometimes regarded as true medicinal marijuana. Cannatonic provides effects such as focused, relaxed, happy, energetic, and takes approximately 10-12 weeks to flower.




One of the noteworthy and unique features of Chernobyl – a sativa-dominant hybrid strain is its lime sherbet smell. This strain was originally bred by TGA Genetics, and provides long-lasting cerebral effects for a relaxed and happy feeling.

It exudes several different aromas and flavors including tropical, earthy, lime, lemon, citrussy, and yields 14 ounces per square meters indoors and 14 ounces from each plant outdoors. Chernobyl requires minimum gardening experience to grow, and harvesting this strain generally begins at the beginning of October up until the 15th of October.

Durban Poison


Durban Poison

Durban Poison is pure sativa plant that originated from South Africa. It is known to offer flowering flavors such as earthiness, sweetness, lemony, pine scented, and citrusy, and is appreciated for its stimulatory effects.

It can take approximately 9-10 weeks to flower, and yields 16 ounces per plant outdoors and 13 ounces per meter squared indoors. Durban Poison is fairly easy to grow compared to some other strains, and is usually harvested from late September to early October.



G13 Haze

Possibly one of the strongest strains of them all, G13 is rumored to have been secretly created by the US government. It showcases several different aromas and flavors including mandarin oranges, earthy, sweet, citrus, pungent, fruity, and may relieve depression, chronic pain, muscle spasms and loss of appetite.

G13 is may be hard to grow for newbies, and the best time to harvest is around late October to mid-November. It flowers in approximately 10-12 weeks, and yields roughly 40 ounces per plant outdoors and 21 ounces per square meter indoors.

Final Thoughts and Our Top Pick

Even though these are the top 10 strains at the moment, keep in mind that there are new ones being developed and coming out each year. The best way to know what strain(s) is best for you is to go ahead and try it, but you’re probably wondering which of the 10 we give the number 1 spot to?

It was a hard choice and is so dependent on what you want to personally get out of a strain which will determine your selection, but we came up with  our choice of 2:

We really like Cannatonic because of the great pain and anxiety relief offered by this classic medicinal class strain, and we like that it’s easy to grow and the relatively low price, so we gave it the number 2 spot.

Our number 1 top pick goes to Amnesia on this list. Amnesia is classified as a high THC strain and will produce a strong high that will clear your head of worries and it is a smooth, fruity smoke or vape. This strain has won awards but be mindful that this strain does need space to grow and requires a greener thumb to manage than our second place pick, but we think the great properties of this strain make it worth a little more effort to grow. The final point we liked  is the very low price offered at MSNL for Amnesia which for us capped it as  the best  selection for a top strain on this list.

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