Medical Marijuana

South Carolina Medical Marijuana – Is It Going to Happen?

South Carolina definitely fits the description, as it’s still among the states where using marijuana for recreational or medical purposes is illegal.

New Mexico Medical Marijuana – The Medical Cannabis Program

This article will show you how you can benefit from medicinal use of marijuana in the state of New Mexico.

Marijuana Legalization Illinois – Are Changes on the Way?

Illinois joined the list of states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. Still, there are no indications that it might legalize it ...

Las Vegas Marijuana Laws – How to Buy and Use Weed in Nevada

According to Las Vegas marijuana laws, you are only allowed to use cannabis on a property that is owned privately by a Las Vegas resident.

Is Weed Legal in Hawaii?

Is weed legal in Hawaii? Yes, but only for its residents with a medical card that approves marijuana for medicinal use.

Washington DC Marijuana

Washington DC is one of the more liberal states in the U.S when it comes to marijuana laws. Medical marijuana has been legalized for a long time.

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana

The Pennsylvania marijuana laws are strictly against the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Medical Marijuana Ohio

Ohio is another state in the Unites States of America where medical marijuana has been legalized. Just like other counterparts in the U.S, there are ...

Marijuana Legalization Virginia

Just like other very conservative states in the U.S., the laws pertaining to marijuana in the state of Virginia are quite limited.

Kentucky Marijauna Laws

Kentucky is one state in the U.S that is lagging behind a bit when it comes to the legalization of Cannabis or marijuana.

Arkansas Medical Marijuana

In November of 2016, almost 53% of voters gave their approval to the Medical Marijuana Amendment of the state of Arkansas.

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