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2 Medicinal Marijuana in Prince Edward Island

Medicinal Marijuana in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is known for a great many things. Anne of Green Gables, red sand beaches, and of course, potatoes are just a few examples of things that PEI is famous for. In fact, for the last few years, the small island province has been smashing their visiting tourist numbers record, year after year. With […]

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2 Medical Marijuana in Guam

Medical Marijuana in Guam

Guam is an unincorporated and organized U. S. territory and island located in the Pacific Ocean, which means that its marijuana laws fall under the same jurisdiction as the regular 50 American states. These same laws have classified marijuana, used in both medical and recreational purposes, as illegal controlled substances punishable by fines and incarceration, depending […]

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2 Medicinal Marijuana in Quebec

Medicinal Marijuana in Quebec

Thanks to the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), residents of Canada have been able to purchase medicinal marijuana for nearly two decades now. Even with cannabis becoming fully legal for recreational consumption in October 2018, many people still prefer to acquire a legitimate medical prescription for their cannabis. To acquire medicinal marijuana, an […]

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2 Medical Marijuana in Alberta, Canada

Medical Marijuana in Alberta, Canada

Canada established a new precedent in its legal history when it passed Bill C-45, also known as the Cannabis Act, that has been effective since October 17, 2018. This means that nationwide, cannabis usage is legal in the entire country of Canada. That certainly includes its province of Alberta. Canada is only the second country in […]

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3 Medical Marijuana in Georgia

Medical Marijuana in Georgia

The recreational use of marijuana and cannabis is illegal in Georgia as of this writing. In the city of Atlanta, the possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana is considered an infraction instead of a misdemeanor or felony. The use of marijuana for medical purposes is illegal, with no signs of it being legalized […]

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2 Medicinal Marijuana in Manitoba

Medicinal Marijuana in Manitoba

There are many reasons why an individual might want to look into getting a prescription for medicinal marijuana in Manitoba. While you could just as easily walk into any one of the numerous private retailers who sell recreational cannabis across the province, there are still many upsides to acquiring a legitimate prescription. One of the biggest […]

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2 Medical Marijuana in Kansas

Medical Marijuana in Kansas

Kansas is among the most conservative states with respect to marijuana and cannabis oil. Both recreational and medical uses are prohibited by state laws as of this writing. The state has no medical marijuana program and patients suffering from debilitating or terminal illnesses have no means of legally obtaining the drug within the state. Historically, Kansas […]

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2 Medicinal Marijuana in Ontario

Medicinal Marijuana in Ontario

2018 has been quite a year for anyone who enjoys consuming marijuana either medically or recreationally in Canada. Complete legalization took effect all across the country on October 17, 2018 and ever since, suppliers have been struggling to keep up with the huge demand. With both recreational and medicinal marijuana now available for legal purchase, it’s […]

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Medical Marijuana in Nebraska

Medical Marijuana in Nebraska

Nebraska was one of the only five states until recently that had no form of legal marijuana; Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho, prohibiting  even medical marijuana, however Missouri changed its laws in the November 2018 mid-term vote to allow medical marijuana, reducing the number of states with no legal form of marijuana to […]

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2 Medicinal Marijuana in Newfoundland and Labrador

Medicinal Marijuana in Newfoundland and Labrador

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador has a well-deserved reputation for its fun-loving and easy-going population. It doesn’t take long for first time visitors to make some truly genuine friendships with locals who will be more than happy to ‘Screech them in’ – a Newfoundland tradition that involves a non-local taking a shot of screech […]

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