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Ways to Take Cannabis Without Smoking: The Best Alternatives

As time goes on, more people try to find ways to take cannabis without smoking it. By far, the most traditional way is to smoke it. You likely remember your very first time, inhaling the smoke and trying to figure out how long to pull before facing the inevitable cough. In the past, the idea […]

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What Is THCV?

Cannabis is much more complicated than a plant that grows and creates powerful flowers used for medicinal and recreational purposes. As it becomes more accessible to the general population through its legalization, more research will go into its effects. One of the most prevalent questions currently being explored when it comes to cannabis is: what is […]

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Benefits of Medical Cannabis

The progressive legalization of medical cannabis in the U.S. and Canada has been producing some surprising results in recent health studies. Learn more in this article.

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9 Is Marijuana a Hallucinogen

Is Marijuana a Hallucinogen?

Here we’ll be looking at what makes marijuana hallucinogenic and how much of a hallucinogen is it? We also discuss the other possible ways that you can classify cannabis.

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6 Is Marijuana a Depressant

Is Marijuana a Depressant?

Here we’ll be showing you what makes many people mis-classify marijuana as a depressant and taking you through a look at which strains are best for their depressive effects.

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