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duct booster fan

How to Hook Up a Duct Booster Fan

Duct booster fans are very versatile to cannabis cultivation. They give small-space gardeners peace of mind in knowing that all odors are moved in a controlled flow straight to the exhaust fan. If you are going to be using a passive intake system using an inline duct booster fan and an exhaust, read on to understand […]

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4 Inline Fan vs. Duct Fan

Inline Fan vs. Duct Fan

An inline fan vs. duct fan can be used as a part of a cannabis cultivation system to provide exhaust airflow. Circulation and air flow are imperative to the health and yield of your plants. You want all of the air flushed from your grow area every two to three minutes to guarantee that your lights […]

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1 What Does CFM Mean in Fans

What Does CFM Mean in Fans?

When shopping for inline fans, duct fans and other ventilation equipment for a grow tent or grow room you may have been on the spot when your were asked what CFM you wanted, but exactly what does CFM mean in fans? You will encounter various sizes and capacities in fans. The power of your fan is […]

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