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4 Hand holding 1000 cc a liter plastic bottle

Distilled Water for Hydroponics

Distilled water which is 100% H2O is an asset to any grower. With the right nutrients added, distilled water is the best choice for all grow operations. Tap water is filled with impurities which can eventually pose a problem for your hydroponically grown cannabis. When you’re growing for potency, purity, and yield, you want the best […]

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2 Hydroponics vs. Soil

Hydroponics vs. Soil

Hydroponically grown cannabis is generally of a  higher quality than conventional outdoor weed that many people refer to high-potency strains simply as ‘Hydro.’ The difference between a conventional light cycle and soil cultivation which is scantily taken care of and a properly maintained entry-level hydroponic system is profound. Yet, those who know their cannabis swear by the […]

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