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Hydrofarm GH4120: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Hydrofarm GH4120

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What We Like

  • Simple to use
  • Great plant allocation
  • Passive grow medium included
  • Semi-modular DWC hydroponic system
  • Affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • No indicators on the containers
  • Roots can get tangled if the plants aren’t properly spaced

More growers of marijuana are choosing hydroponics and deep water culture over traditional soil gardening. Of course, many benefits associated with deep water culture can only be expected to be experienced with a high-quality DWC system. The GH4120 WaterFarm from Hydrofarm is one such high-quality DWC system and we’re going to be examining everything it has to offer in this Hydrofarm GH4120 Review.


Hydrofarm GH4120 Review

The Hydrofarm GH4120 WaterFarm appears quite a bit more basic than a number of other deep water culture systems in its price range, there’s no denying that. But despite its basic appearance, it is one of the most impressive offerings to come from Hydrofarm in a long time and can more than hold its own against the more complex offerings from other brands.

Who is this product for?

Hydroponics gardening requires 20 percent less space than soil gardening, which makes it particularly alluring to those who don’t have a lot of space to play around with. As a single-bucket system, the Hydrofarm GH4120 WaterFarm demands even less space than many of its rival products, so you should give it careful consideration if you don’t have more than a couple of inches to dedicate to your hobby.

Single-bucket systems are generally favored by hydroponic novices as they require less attention than their multi-bucket counterparts and allow the user to focus on growing one plant to maturity and perfection. It is important to note that the Hydrofarm GH4120 WaterFarm generally nears $80 in price, which means it may be a bit of a difficult purchase to justify if you aren’t certain your interest in DWC growing will persist over the coming weeks and months.

We’ll be examining a less expensive single-bucket model a little further down in the article.

What’s included?

The GH4120 WaterFarm is what the manufacturer describes as a “plug and play single-bucket system.” When you purchase it, you will receive a 4-gallon reservoir, which is complemented by a 2-gallon growing chamber (also included in the box).

Those who choose this DWC system will also get a drip ring, a pumping column, a half-inch grommet, a drain level tube, a 3-part flora kit, and a single-outlet air pump. A bag of hydroton clay pebbles is also included to facilitate healthy growth.

Overview of features

The Hydrofarm GH4120 WaterFarm features a bucket and other components built from high-impact plastic. This high-impact plastic construction virtually guarantees a long service life, allowing those who purchase the system to rely on it to grow their marijuana plants for years on end. With a high water capacity and low water requirements, the WaterFarm requires minimal effort and can be left alone for days, maybe even weeks, without any damage coming to its contents.

Despite its small size, the Hydrofarm GH4120 WaterFarm can be relied upon to grow small, medium, and large plants. It is important to note that while Hydrofarm claims this system can be safely housed outdoors, its plastic construction makes it less than suited to hot climates, so you should do your very best to keep it inside, particularly if you live in an excessively warm portion of the globe.


Cannabis is notoriously delicate, so if you’re going to grow your own you must do the proper research. Watch the below video to constitute that research. In it, you will see the Hydrofarm GH4120 WaterFarm being put together piece by piece, complete with detailed instructions to guide you through each step of the process.



Earlier in the article, we mentioned that the Hydrofarm GH4120 WaterFarm can be a little pricey for a single-bucket deep water culture system. If you’re hoping to keep costs down and would struggle to justify purchasing this system, we suggest taking a look at the HTG Supply Bubble Boy Single Shot. The Bubble Boy Single Shot is a single-bucket kit which rarely exceeds $30 in price yet promises everything a novice hydroponic horticulturist might need to successfully grow a healthy plant despite its low price.

With its 3.5-gallon capacity, the HTG Supply Bubble Boy Single Shot can be relied upon to house modestly sized plants from the moment you begin your first crop to the day you decide to upgrade to a system intended for more professional growers.



The Hydrofarm GH4120 WaterFarm is a modest deep water culture system, there’s no denying that. However, it is also a nice reminder that you don’t need a high-tech multi-bucket system to grow a healthy plant, be it cannabis or something a little bit more traditional. Combine the GH4120 WaterFarm’s high capacity, high-impact bucket, and its many included accessories with a determination to develop as a hydroponic gardener and there will be nothing to stop you from growing safe and healthy marijuana for years to come.

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  1. Thanks for publishing this. Guess I will take a further look at hydroponics but considered the system complicated and for professional greenhouse businesses.

    • Hi Percy, I can understand your perception and concern. Actually, hydroponics are not that complicated other than a bit of setup and learning how to monitor your system. That being said, once you know what to do it is not really hard. You have the advantage of saving a huge amount of space in comparison to soil systems and getting roughly double the yield compared to using soil. Small systems for home use are increasingly popular and offer people who want to grow their own plants but don’t have a secure outdoor area a great option. It’s worth looking into! Cheers 🙂

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