How To Vape Weed?

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Smoking, whether it is weed or cigarettes, is harmful by all means to our body. That’s a given. Now even though smoking marijuana may be less harmful than cigarettes, they are both still deteriorating our health, body and mind and quite rapidly at that.

That is probably why people started vaping a few years ago. Although the mechanism had been introduced a long while back, it wasn’t until a few years ago that the system of inhaling e-liquids became popular, but how to vape weed the right way?

Vaping marijuana or weed is one of the lesser known or used techniques of inhaling marijuana. But reportedly it allows the user to actually experience the high and the positive effects of marijuana without having to inhale the toxins and carcinogenic chemicals present in the smoke.

Other than that, vaping works faster than smoking and the high is much easier to control. It doesn’t leave any strong smell either since it doesn’t involve combustion.

Before we get in to the exact method of vaping weed, let’s see how it works.

regular vaporizers

How it works

You basically need a vaporizer or a vape pen for the process. The vapor is usually heated in one of the lower chambers or compartments of the device. Once the vapor gets hot it starts rising up through filling chambers where is comes in contact with the weed and takes the THC cannabinoids along. Then it goes to the top compartment, on to the mouthpiece and into the balloon. This is where the vapor is cooled quickly and ideally, the vapor here should be inhaled as soon as the balloon gets filled. It gives the maximum effect of the THC – the main cannabinoid responsible for the high.

Regular vaporizers usually take up to 5 or 6 minutes to heat up the vapor effectively. There are also digital vaporizers that heat the cannabis oil almost instantly for those of you who don’t like waiting around.

Now let’s take a detailed look into the process.

How to vape weed

On a normal level, most regular vaporizers have the capacity to hold about 1 to 5 grams of marijuana.

  • First off, you need to grind your weed to a fine and powdery consistency. So crush it up nice and fine until you find a satisfactory consistency.
  • Next, fill the filling chamber with about 5 grams of the finely ground weed quite loosely. Do make sure that all the chambers are tightly screwed together as they are all detachable. Any flaw in the fit can cause the vapor to escape and hence not provide the desired effect.
  • After you’ve checked for the tight fitting of the chambers, you can turn on the vaporizer. Be sure to set it to the temperature as mentioned in the instructions of the device.
  • Once the temperature hits the point of vaporization, you can start inhaling slowly. In case you are using a volcano, you need to attach the mouthpiece and the balloon to continue.
  • You will be able to see the balloon swelling up as the hot air fills up in the balloon. Once the balloon is blown in to the sufficient size, you can take the balloon out and inhale the air slowly.
  • Remember to always inhale very slowly as it should be similar to breathing in air. Being slow, consistent and steady gives you the best effect.
  • Sometimes, the vaporizer will have a tube with which to suck up the weed from one end and breathe in through the other. In this case you need to place the finely ground weed on a flat surface and use the prescribed end of the wand to suck up the weed and load it in to the vaporizer screen inside.
  • Then insert the wand into the device and start breathing in through the other end of the wand. You need to take steady breaths to keep the consistent supply of the warm vapor into your mouth and your lungs.
the best effect

As the whole process of vaping weed is done in a way as to mimic normal breathing, it is usually very calming and provides a rather mellow experience when compared to smoking. Besides, being weed, it doesn’t come with the cancer causing chemicals involved in smoking tobacco.

It contains cannabinoids which can actually communicate with the cannabinoid receptors in our body and give you positive effects. It can help you relax and focus on your bodily reactions. Some might even experience a creative high depending on the type of marijuana strain being used.


However, as it goes without saying, all kinds of induced physical and mental reactions need to be controlled. Too much of anything can cause adverse effects. It would be ideal to have someone who is already experienced in vaping along with you if you are a beginner. Otherwise, a wrong move could send you on an uncontrolled high.

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Christi Schweiger - January 18, 2019 Reply

Vaping weed is definitely the way to go. Thanks for the post.

    VapeMaster - January 24, 2019 Reply

    Hey Christi. I agree! Cheers:)

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