How to Refill THClear Cartridge?

THClear claims to be the “world’s best concentrates, vapes, edibles, and much more!” They are an industry leader in producing and selling all the paraphernalia you need to imbibe your favorite cannabis oil, including disposable vape pens, and syringes.

They are based out of the Los Angeles, California area, but you can find places to buy their items all over the southern part of the state.

THClear creates cartridges that are filled with an interchangeable potent distillate. They fit in your basic vape pen. They come in a lot of popular flavors designed to suit a wide variety of palates. 

Just like other cannabis oil cartridges for vape pens, these are designed to be refilled with the oil of your choice. As for vape pens, the best type to use these with would be a wax atomizer.

How Do You Do Refill the Cartridge?

Read on to find out the steps.

Step 1 – Gather your materials

To refill the THClear cartridge, you’ll need a syringe. This is going to be a separate syringe from the flavor that you’ve purchased. The great thing about THClear cannabis oils is that they flow freely and they’re very quick. You’ll also need some wax paper or parchment paper to catch any drips, plus the vape pen empty cartridge that you want to use. Because the THClear oil is so nice and viscous, it drips easier than other types.

Step 2 – Fill up the syringe

Many users believe that, since the THClear oil comes in its own syringe, that’s the easiest tool to refill the vape cartridge. Not necessarily! It’s suggested that you use a separate, clean syringe with a fine needle to pinpoint filling up the cartridge.

Simply remove the plastic back of the syringe that you’ve purchased. Carefully unscrew the top of the oil syringe. Slowly empty the contents of the flavored oil into the syringe until it’s to the 0.5 milliliter capacity. Even if the syringe has a larger capacity, still fill to a smaller one for a more precise application.

You can try to drip the oil from its original syringe into the vape pen cartridge. That’s much harder – you need to go drop by drop, making sure it all goes inside the cartridge and not on the outside. Doing this maximizes your chances for creating a mess and also wasting valuable product. It’s much easier to purchase an empty refillable syringe and do a quick product transfer.

Step 3 – Disassemble the vape pen

Now, with your empty THClear vape pen cartridge, it’s time to take off the mouthpiece. Simply twist and pull to remove it. Inside the cartridge, you’ll see the very narrow opening to fill up the cartridge.

Fill the cartridge

Step 4 – Fill the cartridge

With this step, the trick is to take your time, have patience, and fill the cartridge slowly. With the syringe in your dominant hand and the cartridge in the other, gently squeeze the back of the syringe to fill the cartridge. The oil will coat the inside of the cartridge and run down the sides. If it drips, use wax paper to catch the drips. You can also suck those up with the syringe and put them back in the cartridge.

If you run out of oil in the syringe but still have more space in the cartridge, then add more oil to the syringe and repeat this step of filling up the vape pen.

Step 5 – Preparing the vape pen

With the oil cartidge successfully filled, then you can put the mouthpiece back on. Take off the bottom piece of the vape pen near the coils, then heat by screwing it to the vape battery.

Refill the Cartridge

Tips and Tricks

One of the problems with the THClear Cartridge that you’ll come across is wick clogging. Both clearomizer and cartomizer vape pens have silica wicks, so the oil will clog those. It’s best to use an oil cartridge like an Oil Slim or similar type.

Some users also suggest that you want to try a 510 ceramic-threaded vape pen cartridge instead. If you do that, saturate the wick by storing the vape pen upright with the tip facing vertical, for at least 24 hours.

Vape Pen Cartridges

When it comes to dabbing, users expect a certain thickness. But with vape pen cartridges, that’s a different story. THClear distillates are designed to be easy to transfer and easy to pour. You want the oil to be nice and thin, so that way there’s more of a draw. It’s also much easier to use high quality syringes, possibly with applicator tips, for pinpoint accuracy.

That way, you minimize waste, you save money by refilling THClear cartridges with the flavored oil of your choice, and you’re able to enjoy every drop.

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