How to Refill a Vape Pen Cartridge?

It’s wasteful to throw away your vape pen cartridges after you use them just one time. Why not refill them, but how to refill a vape pen cartridge?

After you’ve invested in the refillable vape pen cartridges, you’ll quickly be able to add more oil whenever you need to. It’s an easy process and one that can be accomplished in just a couple of minutes. You don’t need any special tools, either.

All you should have ready is the refillable cartridge, the actual cannabis oil that you want to use, a syringe with at least a .5 milliliter capacity, and the vape battery. The syringe can be one of the metal ones or one of the plastic ones, similar to a medical syringe.

Step 1

Fill the syringe with up to a 1 milliliter of the cannabis oil. You can choose any type of oil you like. Some syringes don’t have that large of a capacity.

Step 2

Unscrew the flattened metal top of the vape cartridge. Set it aside and make sure it doesn’t roll off the table you’re using. Underneath and inside the cartridge, you’ll see there is a narrow opening down into the filling area.

Step 3

Next, take your oil filled syringe and hold it vertical, with the tip of it pointing straight up so you don’t drip oil. Most of these syringes come with a special applicator tip for precise dripping. This is a small piece of plastic that fits over the tip end of the syringe. Press it snugly in place. It fits just like a pen cap.

Vape with Cartridge

Step 4

With the applicator tip on, hold the vape pen in one hand and tilt the oil syringe upside down. Instead of pouring the oil into the narrow opening discussed in Step 1, you’re actually going to pour the oil into the empty space of the middle of the vape pen around the center. You don’t want any oil to drip outside the cartridge, so take your time and don’t rush.

As a side note, some vape pen users suggest to lightly heat the vape pen cartridge first, so that when you do add the oil, it runs smoothly down the sides and prevents it from becoming sludgy. However, heat causes cannabis oil to degrade much faster, because it changes the molecular compound of the oil. Only heat the oil if it’s very thick and not moving at all, or only heat it if it’s fresh and you know you’ll use it within a short period of time.

Step 5

Pressing the back of the syringe, slowly release the oil into the vape pen. It is a deep brown in color and has a viscous quality to it, so it won’t pour like a regular liquid. When you add it slowly, you’re filling the vape pen cartridge evenly. As you finish it up, make sure that you don’t spill any oil outside the cartridge. Hold the syringe steadily.

Step 6

Most vape pens have a 1 ml capacity, while the syringe might have a .5 ml capacity. If that’s the case, then after filling it, you’ll have to wait for the oil to finish going into the rest of the cartridge. However, if the capacities for both the vape pen and the syringe are the same, then naturally, you’ll fill up the cartridge and don’t have to wait for the oil to do it.


Step 7

Screw on the flattened metal top of the vape cartridge down firmly so it’s in place.

Step 8

Once the oil has settled down to the bottom of the vape pen and where it needs to be, that’s when you can take the bottom protector off and screw the vape pen on to the vape battery, same as a diposable cartridge.

Step 9

Set it vertically, with the battery on the bottom, and give it a few moments to let the coils get saturated with the cannabis oil. Then it’s ready to use.

Step 10

If you’d like to transfer oil from one vape pen cartridge to another, you can also use a syringe to do that. Using the applicator tip on the syringe, suck up the oil in one cartridge and follow the steps above to transfer it to the new vape pen.

Easy Oil Changes

This outlined process is simple, easy, and, with the right tools available, can be accomplished in just a few minutes. You might want to invest in several refillable cartridges.

As a general tip, make sure you clean out the syringe with each use. Cannabis oil is a natural product made from the flowers of the cannabis plant, so it can degrade and form a sticky, wax-like substance that’s almost impossible to get off the interior of the syringe. Wash the syringe out after each time, so that it’s ready to refill the cartridge again.

Another general tip worth mentioning is to clean and maintain you pen and cartridges regularly before refilling. This will give you the best operation and  the most from your favourite oil. There are a number of videos out there to show you how to clean the parts of your pen but we chose this one from HoneyStick:

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Willa Vilkoski - January 18, 2019 Reply

Hi there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. He loved to vape. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

    VapeMaster - February 7, 2019 Reply

    Hey Willa, Thanks for sharing and the nice compliment, and for sending the article on to your roommate. Cheers!

    ai software development Turkmenistan - December 20, 2019 Reply

    I loved your blog post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

    Victoria Zayas - March 27, 2020 Reply

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    Washington CBD - August 22, 2020 Reply

    Sharing this with grandparents.

    Anonymous - September 17, 2020 Reply

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Appyman - March 23, 2019 Reply

How do you heat the product to get it to flow?

    VapeMaster - April 6, 2019 Reply

    Hi Appyman, Thanks for the question 🙂
    If you are having trouble getting your oil to flow when refilling a cartridge, try to gently warm the vape pen cartridge so that when the oil hits from the syringe it will flow quickly and smoothly into the chamber. I don’t recommend heating your bottle of oil as heat will shorten the life of the remaining oil that you haven’t used. If you are using a syringe, you could also try gently heating the reservoir chamber of the syringe too. This should fix the problem, if it’s oil based.

    If the issue is using a dab pen or one suitable for wax or shatter then it’s very different
    The key with the solids is to take a tiny amount of shatter, about the size of a small seed, and place it carefully in the coil chamber on the side against the ceramic bowl and not on top of the coil. You need some air space in the heating chamber so you shouldn’t pack it.
    For wax, it’s the same deal but use your tool to ball-up a small amount of wax, about the size of a seed and place it in the chamber in the same way as described before. Now you are ready to attach the mouthpiece attachment, press the heating button as per the direction for the model and take a hit.

    One of the annoying issues with vape pens is the residue build that occurs after a time. This can be annoying to try and clean out. A great video demonstrates a neat way to clean your coil back to a pristine condition. You can check it out in the article above.

VapeMaster - November 16, 2019 Reply

Hi Tami, Please contact me via the contact form on the main page and this will come to me directly via the website email. Thanks

Gabriel Luke - January 8, 2020 Reply

Very helpful post..! thanks for sharing.

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