How to Make THC Vape Juice in Easy Steps

Making your own vape juice can be a really interesting and fun process. After all, more and more vapers are choosing to go the do-it-yourself route because of those very reasons. Then again, to do it successfully, you will likely need a step-by-step guide to follow.

If you really do wish to create your own vape oil, then you’d be glad to know that you only need to follow three basic steps to learn how to make THC vape juice. Before we talk about those steps, let’s discuss why they’re worth knowing in the first place.

Why Make Your Own Vape Juice?

It does seem like more people are making their own vape juice, but why? The general consensus is that vaping is safer than smoking, at least to some degree. This is part of why vaping has grown in popularity.

THC liquid is a combination of cannabis concentrate and a mixing solution. There really is not a big difference between the liquid you would make at home and a cartridge that you would purchase already prepared.

The biggest benefit to making your own is that you have control over customizing the solution. You also get the benefit of saving money. These are the two primary reasons why some choose to make their THC vape juice as opposed to purchasing it, though there are likely several others.


You can play around with flavors to find one that you like best. This gives you ultimate control. In addition, the flavor possibilities are nearly limitless. Your creativity can lead the way when it comes to your taste preferences.


In making your own, you simply won’t need to purchase pre-filled cartridges. You would have to do a cost analysis in your area, but the savings will be there. It is simply cheaper to make your own vape juice than it is to purchase it.

What You’ll Need

You will need a few materials ready to go before you get started. These include:

  • A cheesecloth
  • Five to six grams of weed. You’d want to use high-quality ones.
  • A large pot
  • Mason jars; at least two
  • High proof grain alcohol (190 or above)
  • Propylene glycol
  • Pyrex bowl/ Aluminum foil and baking sheet

There are a couple of other considerations to keep in mind before getting started. First, know that you do not ever want to substitute with rubbing alcohol. You can try alcohol or Everclear instead. You will also need access to a stove-top, and you want to make sure the bud you are using is very well chopped before you get going.

how to make thc vape juice

How to Make THC Vape Juice

Following the guide below will teach you how to make THC vape juice. Again, this is just a three-step process that is quite easy to follow and understand.

Step 1: Decarboxylate

First, place five to six grams of bud, which should be finely chopped at this point, into your Pyrex bowl. Place in the oven to bake for around 15 minutes at a temperature of 225 to 250 degrees.

If you don’t have a Pyrex bowl, you can substitute with baking sheet and aluminum foil. Just heat up your weed as you would if you were making cookies. When you remove them, the color should be brown.

Then, add the weed to your mason jar. The weed should now be crispy. Then, add alcohol. You want to make sure the weed is completely submerged. If you are prone to wanting things exactly measured out, just add 24ml of the High Proof Alcohol. You can measure it out using a syringe. Crack a window enough to provide good ventilation.

Add approximately three and a half to four inches of water to the pot and put your mason jar right in the pot. Get the water to reach a low boil and continuously stir the weed in the jar. The goal here is alcohol evaporation as much as possible. Continue stirring as the weed gets darker in color. Once it has a dark color, remove it from the pot. Set it aside and let it cool.

Step 2: Strain

Once some of the excess alcohol has evaporated, you’ll need your cheesecloth or something else you can use for filtering. You’d want to get rid of the plant fibers from the oil through filtering and straining.

To do this, use the cheesecloth to cover the second mason jar. Then, gently add in the mixture that you have in the first mason jar. Allow the cloth to collect the buds. If you find that the mixture is very thick, you may need to scrape the sides and bottom of the jar to free all of the contents.

Squeeze the cheesecloth until you are confident every drop is out. The liquid should be a solid brown color. You can even allow the cheesecloth to just sit there for an hour or two to ensure every bit has filtered through it.

Step 3: Process

Add a little bit of water to your second mason jar. This is the jar that should have your extracted uncut THC oil in it. Then, place the jar back into the pot. You want to boil the solution until there are about five milliliters of liquid remaining in the jar. If you want to be exact, use a syringe.

Finally, you can use the uncut THC oil as is and if it is a little thick there are vaporizers that can handle it, but if you want to cut the oil, you can add in 20 mg of the Propylene Glycol to the mason jar. Having done that, take the jar out of the pot. Use a syringe to measure out the jar’s liquid. You can store the liquid in dropper bottles. If you follow these three steps, you should have just about 25 milliliters of THC oil that you can use right away.

Final Thoughts

There are a few other general tips to keep in mind when learning how to make vape oil. First, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area. This can ensure that the alcohol fumes from the process can easily escape. Also, keep in mind that alcohol is extremely flammable. You want to make sure you exercise caution when handling it.

Next, make sure that you are using reputable providers and stores that are licensed. Clean all of your accessories thoroughly before use, and again right after you’ve finished with the process.

Once you have the hang of making your own THC vape juice, you can play around a bit with flavors.  You’ll be able to experiment more with the flavors you like than you’d ever be able to if you just choose to purchase from retailers. This is one of the best benefits of making your own THC vape juice.

Another tip for you is to consider  is to use a terpene oil instead of PG to thin the extracted THC oil or to avoid thinning altogether and just use the thick THC oil as it is. There are vaporizers that can handle uncut oil with the advantage that you have no additive thinner, only the THC oil you have extracted from your cannabis.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a quality vaporizer that can handle uncut oil, you can check out our review of a wonderful product for the purpose from HoneyStick.

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