How Long Does a Marijuana High Last?

One of the most common questions about weed is: how long does a marijuana high last?

It differs from person to person, and it surely is one of the most debatable things about smoking or consuming marijuana in any form.

Every person is different, and the way you consume marijuana can significantly affect how long you’re high for, as well as several other factors.

In this guide, we’ll go over what affects the length of a marijuana high as well as the most popular tricks for making a high last longer.

We’ll even throw in a couple of tips for counteracting a too-intense high, especially if it’s your first time and you want a pleasurable experience.

How Long Does a Marijuana High Last?

On average, users can experience the effects of being high for up to six hours, though some have noted feelings of euphoria and grogginess much longer.

All in all, it depends on how your body chemistry reacts with the particular strain you’re consuming, as well as a few other essential factors.

The most important thing to remember is that although the anti-drug propaganda suggests you’ll be high forever, that’s not the case; the feeling will end eventually.

What Determines the Length of a High?

If you’re concerned about how long you’ll be high after consuming marijuana, it’s first essential to know the most prevalent factors that affect the duration.

Some of the most common include:

1. Form of Consumption

By now, we are all aware of the many different ways you can consume THC, whether it’s by smoking it in a joint, eating it via edibles, or vaping it.

Most users have noted that if you’re doing edibles, you can guarantee the effects will take longer to hit you (30 minutes to two hours), but they will be far more intense and could last substantially longer (up to eight hours).

On the other hand, if you smoke your weed, it’s going to enter your bloodstream quickly through your lungs so that you will get high faster, but it won’t last as long.

The most potent way of consuming THC is through dabs, which is what made this method of consumption skyrocket in popularity over the past few years.

Available in concentrations like wax, budder, and shatter, dabs are going to get you much higher than even the most potent flower you can get your hands on.

Not only will you get higher faster, but it will also last a lot longer than if you were to smoke a regular joint.

With that said, dabs are certainly not recommended for people who have never smoked weed before.

Users have noted that their highs have been far beyond what they expected, and this is something advanced smokers are discussing.

The higher your THC tolerance, the more likely you are to try dabs at one point or another.

2. Quality of Consumption

Not only is the way you consume marijuana going to affect the length of your high, but how you consume it as well.

For example, if a friend takes a small hit off a joint while you take a large one, you’re going to get higher faster than they will.

This theory also applies to edibles, vaping, or even smoking out of a bong.

Many users have found that edibles enable you to get a relatively high quality of consumption without the dangers of smoking marijuana.

However, it’s a different type of high compared to when you smoke, as more of the THC will be pharmacologically active in your system.

When you consume THC, your liver is responsible for filtering it, similar to alcohol, which then pushes it into your bloodstream.

This method of transmission is what makes the THC more potent in your system, or more bioavailable, depending on how quickly your body processes food.

You could guarantee that you’ll receive a full-body high by ingesting edibles compared to a more mental high if you were to smoke bud.

3. Your Surroundings

It’s true when they say “buzzkills” are a real thing, and it’s especially true when it comes to getting high.

When your mind and your body are at ease, and your fight or flight response is at rest, you’re likely to have a far more enjoyable high than if you were panicked and uncomfortable.

It’s always a good idea to have a great group of friends to smoke with, if you’re a social smoker, or to ensure you’re in a safe and comfortable location if you prefer to smoke alone.

There are plenty of other factors that can influence the quality of your high based on your surroundings, such as the temperature in the room, accessibility to snacks and water, and any activities you may have available.

Over time, you will be able to tell what you like to have available when you’re high, whether it’s a warm room with a soft blanket and pizza or a cooler environment with chips and video games.

The more comfortable you can make yourself, the easier it will be to ride out the high and enjoy it.

4. Specific Strains

When you talk to an avid weed smoker about their favorite strain, they can typically tell you everything there is to know about it.

From its flavor profile to the high, there are reasons why there are so many different types of pot.

On average, the stronger the strain, the more intense and longer your high will be.

You’ll find that in states where legal marijuana is available, the strains with the highest THC content are typically the first to sell out.

Not only are these more appealing to veteran users with tolerances, but they can also give you a prolonged experience as a novice smoker.

Also, you’ll want to consider the differences between an indica, sativa, and hybrid, as it can affect your high as well.


With typically higher CBD levels, Indica is known for its relaxing effects and can help to reduce pain and nausea as well as increase appetite.


Sativa is known for its higher doses of THC compared to CBD and is typically best for people who want a mental high.

With this strain, you’ll have a more energizing experience that can help to reduce anxiety and boost your creativity and productivity.


Grown from a combination of Sativa and Indica strains, hybrids have a different ratio of CBD and THC content.

You will also find that these strains have a unique impact, as they can reduce the symptoms of medical treatments, such as chemotherapy while decreasing stress and anxiety.

5. Your Tolerance

The last factor to consider that will affect the length of your high is your tolerance.

Similar to any other mind-altering drug, the more used to it you are, the less the effects will be over time.

Your body will naturally begin to adapt to the psychoactive properties of marijuana if you consume it regularly.

For novice smokers, this shouldn’t be a concern, as you’re going to experience a reliable high for a reasonable amount of time.

However, veteran smokers will need strains with higher THC content to reproduce a reliable high.

Tips for Counteracting an Intense High

If you’re dealing with your first trip, and you find that it’s a little more intense than you had predicted, there are plenty of ways you can lessen the effects of marijuana.

Our favorite tips for counteracting an intense high include:

  • Keep calm and rest
  • Go for a walk with a sober friend
  • Avoid panicking
  • Consistently hydrate with water
  • Distract your mind with music
  • Take a brief shower
  • Remember that your feelings will pass

Tips for Prolonging a High

For people on the other end of the spectrum who want to prolong their high, these are our favorite tricks to use.

  • Eat mangos (filled with terpenes)
  • Hotbox whenever possible
  • Workout before getting high
  • Opt for edibles instead of smoking
  • Take a weed break then smoke again

Final Thoughts

With an average length of six hours, answering how long does a marijuana high last isn’t a chore once you’ve finished your daily responsibilities.

People searching for more extended and more intense highs should consider edibles, as they can last up to eight hours on average.

Overall, the more often you consume cannabis, the easier it will be for you to predict the lengths of your highs.

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