Hemp Cream: Your Ultimate Guide on How to Use It

Cannabis and hemp are becoming incredibly popular in the health and beauty worlds.

While some use cannabis recreationally and others use hemp to make cool bracelets, there are a lot of physical benefits to using the marijuana plant as well.

More and more people are turning to cannabis and hemp cream to help alleviate any chronic pains.

Even though it’s surprisingly good at the job, it can be quite expensive.

To make sure you spend your money well, below, we’ll guide you through some of the most essential things there is to know about hemp-based cream.

Along with the many benefits and different types of hemp-based cream products out there, hopefully, you’ll find a new product to try.

Hemp Cream vs. CBD

While many people think hemp and CBD are the same things, they’re not.

The main difference is the oil used in the product and where it’s derived from.

Both hemp and CBD come from the cannabis plant.

While CBD uses the entire plant, hemp only uses the seeds.

If you’ve ever heard of hemp seed oil, that’s why!

Hemp-based cream is something that can be found in the skincare industry, while CBD is more commonly found in medical areas to get rid of pain in the joints and muscles.

Luckily, the cream can also alleviate pain.

Why Use Hemp-Based Cream?

There are many amazing benefits to using cream products infused with hemp that we’ll get into later.

First, we wanted to talk about why you should choose hemp-based cream.

We’ll also discuss how and why exactly hemp oil is added to products to be used on your skin.

The cream packs a ton of nutrition.

Now you wouldn’t want to spoon-feed it to yourself, but the nutrients it brings to your skin are next level.

Cold-pressing harvested cannabis seeds often create hemp seed oil, and this process can be seen in similar oils like black onion seed oil.

Cold-pressing hemp seeds is a process that consists of several different steps.

Firstly, the seeds need to be removed from the shell. Then the husks are taken off, and the extracting can begin.

Hemp seed oil is always combined with several other ingredients when turned into a cream or topical product.

You can buy hemp-seed oil on its own if you’re looking for something purer.

Just be sure that you’re not getting duped and buy from a trusted retailer.

Types of Products Available

There are several different types of hemp oil and CBD oil products that are on the market right now.

Whether you’re looking for a skin balm to help moisturize your skin during the harsh winter or you want one that helps with skin conditions like eczema, there’s something out there for you.

1. Skin Balm

Balms made from hemp have a ton of nutrients.

They have plenty of fatty acids that the human body doesn’t make on its own, and these fatty acids help to repair collagen and elasticity.

For that reason, you’ll often see hemp in anti-aging skincare products.

There are also loads of amazing vitamins and minerals that can be found in cream as well.

Not only can it fight wrinkles, but the cream can get rid of dark circles and help to hydrate the skin.

These are important factors if you struggle with dull skin or psoriasis.

2. Soap and Body Wash

There are also hemp and CBD soaps and body washes on the market that have a plethora of benefits.

If you struggle with inflammation anywhere in your body, using a hemp oil body wash is a great idea, especially if you suffer from a skin condition like excema or psoriasis. Add it on a soft loofah in the shower and use it like you would any other body wash to see results.

There is also hemp soap that does amazing work.

For those suffering from dry or itchy hands, these soap products could bring some relief.

The anti-inflammatory part of the oil could help those with arthritis or carpal tunnel, and even better results can be achieved with a CBD cream or balm for chronic joint or muscle pain issues after the bath or shower.

Not to mention it’s incredibly moisturizing, which never hurts!

3. Muscle Relief Balm

Approximately 21% of Americans are suffering from chronic pain.

While some might pop a pain reliever here and there, others rely on intense pain relief medications.

Thankfully, CBD is amazing for muscle pain relief and is an all-natural alternative to try out.

If you don’t suffer from chronic pain and occasionally put in an intense day at the gym, rubbing on muscle relief balm infused with CBD is an amazing way to put your muscles at ease.

Thus, you can comfortably continue with your day to day life.

Some muscle relief balms are paired with oils like peppermint or wintergreen.

The combination provides a cooling and soothing feeling that penetrates deep into your muscles for ultimate relaxation.

4. Face Mask

Somewhere else that is being taken over by hemp and CBD products is the beauty industry.

You can find makeup products and facial cleansers that help you look great and have plenty of amazing benefits.

Out of all the available beauty products, one of the unique CBD infused ones that you can get your hands on is a face mask.

These masks have CBD oil, mixed with hemp, and other products to bring your skin a good serving of tender loving care.

Benefits of Using Hemp-Based Cream

Cream made of hemp has two main benefits, but there are more pros to using it within those main benefits.

Find out what you could get out of using a hemp-based cream below.

1. Pain Relief

Did you know that the cannabis plant has been used for managing pain since before 3000 B.C.?

When using hemp seed oil from the marijuana plant, you can still reap the benefits without needing to light up a joint.

Hemp and CBD can both impact the endocannabinoid receptors in our minds.

When that happens, inflammation reduces almost immediately.

If you struggle with multiple sclerosis or arthritis, cream with hemp can make a significant change to your life.

If you struggle with nerve pain, it may be best to use pure hemp or CBD oil to see these benefits.

There are several different products on the market that are aimed at those who suffer from muscle pain.

Trying out a balm or cream is a great way to see if hemp or CBD will work for you.

2. Can Help Improve Skin

When it comes to improving skin, hemp and CBD are amazing for acne and anti-aging.

For starters, acne affects 10% of the United States population.

Since a myriad of things can cause acne, it can be hard to treat it effectively.

Also, with the anti-inflammatory properties of these oils and creams, they can help to reduce acne.

These properties also help to reduce the amount of sebum your skin produces.

Sebum is a white or yellow substance that is best known by its nickname, pus.

Since hemp-based cream is packed with minerals and those same anti-inflammatory properties, this helps to improve elasticity and enhance collagen production.

These are great if you’re looking to fill or blur any lines or signs of aging.

Lastly, cream with hemp can brighten your skin up and reduce discoloration.

It can get rid of redness and help take care of any stubborn dark spots you may be dealing with at the moment.

It can help with any dullness as well.

Honorable Hemp Oil Mentions

Quickly we wanted to mention that hemp and CBD do come in oil-based tinctures.

Though these can also bring you relaxation from pain and can help with your skincare, they also bring a host of other amazing benefits.

If you’re someone who struggles with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, it’s worth giving the oils a shot.

When held under the tongue, they can get working in your body in as few as 20 minutes.


Now that you’re practically an expert on hemp cream, which product are you going to try first?

There are so many fantastic options out there, but you must buy from a trusted company so that you get a product that actually works, and you don’t waste your money.

Hemp-based cream can be applied to any area of your skin to help moisturize, bring relief to stubborn muscle aches and joint pains, and even help clear up acne.

It is a great and natural alternative to products that have a bunch of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.

If you love and care about your body, trying a hemp product today can easily improve your daily life.

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