GrowAce Company Overview

GrowAce is a company that has built its brand around various products that assist in growing marijuana. They offer a vast selection, including lights, tents, and accessories. In this GrowAce review, we will discuss what the company has to offer.

In an effort to fully review the company, we chose a variety of their products to dive into and review. Join us in taking a more in-depth look at the company and its products.

More About the GrowAce Company


GrowAce Company was established in 2007, and its directive is to help consumers have quality marijuana at the comfort of their own home. They intend to provide those with a passion for growing marijuana with the appropriate tools to be successful. They develop and distribute supplies specifically designed for indoor growing operations.

GrowAce operates in large volume, which means they can offer the best prices on the market for their products. They even price match their competitors because they want to provide you with the best customer service experience.

That said, being the most affordable does not make this company cheap. They pride themselves on offering only high-quality products that have been tested and proven to deliver quality results. GrowAce has successfully built their brand around a culture that believes in both quality and service, and they have quite a lot of potential to offer.

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Customer Care

GrowAce values their customers, and that is reflected in the way they do business. There are many indicators when it comes to customer service functionality. Here are some of the proven customer service practices from GrowAce and what you might be able to expect should you decide to become one of their customers.

  • Quick processing and delivery on all orders
  • A trained customer care team with extensive knowledge and expertise
  • High-quality products at the lowest available prices
  • Best shipping rates they can offer
  • Safe and secure shopping and checkout
  • Friendly staff with a guaranteed response within 24 hours
  • A tight-knit community that speaks for itself
  • Distribution of tested and proven products

Product Options

GrowAce offers every type of product you could possibly need to grow your marijuana successfully. Their selection is broad and thorough. Here is a quick summary of some of the types of products you can find in GrowAce.

  • Grow kits in various sizes and types
  • Full grow rooms in multiple sizes
  • A multitudinous selection of grow lights. There are multiple trusted brands, full light kits, bulbs, reflectors, and various accessories.
  • Grow tents in various size options
  • Pesticides
  • Pots
  • Testers
  • Various essential growing tools
  • Fans
  • Filters
  • A variety of environmental and climate controls
  • Various nutrient options
  • Cloning tools
  • Harvesting and processing tools
  • Hydroponics of many kinds

This list covers the primary basics of the products that GrowAce offers, but it does not detail every single item in their inventory. What you will find is that GrowAce has an extensive inventory with options that can meet nearly any type of need for growing purposes. They also have a variety of brands to choose from.

GrowAce Review of Products

We’ve made a random selection of six of GrowAce’s top products to provide you with a comprehensive look at what the company offers. We will break down the details of each selected item and share some pros and cons for your reflection as well.

1. S540 Advance Spectrum MAX LED Grow Light Panel

This LED light panel has been designed to light your growing plants effectively. It produces maximum light efficiency for up to 50,000 hours. Simply position the light approximately two to three feet above the plants and let it do its work.

The infrared diodes in this exclusive design are essential for any growth plan that incorporates resin growth. The light protects and aids your plants during their growth process.

The S540 Advance Spectrum MAX LED Grow Light Panel covers a 15-square foot area and operates at only about 358 watts, so you use less power. You get the best of both worlds with efficiency and prime growing light production.


The best thing about this panel is that it can last up to 50,000 hours while covering a large area. What’s more, is that you expect low electricity usage with maximum results. This product is also one of the few LED light options with infrared diodes.


Unfortunately, the plants may take slightly longer to grow. Nonetheless, they will grow under optimal conditions

2. Yield Lab 400W HPS +MH Wing Reflector Grow Light Kit

The Yield Lab 400W Grow Kit is designed to aid beginners. If you are new to the growing game or perhaps just getting started, this is a great option to consider. This is best described as a starter kit to get an indoor environment going.

This kit brings premium plant growth to any environment. It has metal halide sodium bulbs with high pressure to ensure maximum lighting efforts.

It outputs maximum light but also has multiple safety features to keep your operation safe and secure. It also has a built-in timer on the wing reflector.

This light kit by GrowAce comes with a complete growing guide to help you get started. What is better is that specific warranties cover various parts of the kit, should you run into any issues. The kit also includes a 400W high-pressure sodium bulb, a metal halide bulb, a digital dimmable ballast, and an XL wing reflector.

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The best thing about this product is that it is ideal for beginners or the initial set-up of an indoor growing space. Not only is it easy to use and set-up, but it also provides full safety with a maximum output

Another good thing about this product is that it has an anticipated lifespan of up to 24,000 hours of use.


The only downside of this product is that its wing reflector gets very hot to the touch.

3. Yield Lab Fabric 5-Gallon Growing Pots

Forget the heavy clay pots that simply don’t do the trick and give these fabric growing pots a try. These growing pots are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and they effectively grow just about anything. In this package, you get five pieces of five-gallon fabric pots.

The Yield Lab Fabric 5-Gallon Growing Pots is designed with heavy-duty fabric that will not rip or tear easily. They can stand up to root and plant growth effectively.

The fabric material works well with both potting soil and coco coir and are quite effective. It also allows the roots to breathe and grow, which leads to more plant growth for you. If you’re worried about moisture, simply put a drainage tray underneath them.


What you will love most about the products is that the fabric bags have excellent sizes and they can be used to grow several items, including flowers and veggies. The fabric also includes a handle that won’t rip or tear when you move the bags. Additionally, the bags are washable for easy cleaning when needed.


Although the large size can help you maximize the bag’s use, it makes the bag slightly awkward for moving around.

4. Yield Lab 6-Inch CFM Charcoal Filter and Duct Fan Combo Kit

This duct fan combo kit is a multi-functional tool that does far more than just filter and purify the air in your growing area.

This kit utilizes the charcoal filter at 100% efficiency. Airflow through this filter and fan kit is at 440 CFM, which ultimately results in better air quality for you and your plants.

The Yield Lab 6-Inch CFM Charcoal Filter and Duct Fan Combo Kit also eliminate odors effectively. The effect is clean and fresh air in your growing environment. Forget stale air or fertilizers and odor gels and try out this filter and duct combo kit instead.

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You’ll love that the system is set up and ready for use when you receive it. Another thing to love is that the fan operates quietly and efficiently.

The product also has a moisture-resistant design, making it work great in high-moisture areas. It also comes with legs and attachments, so it can stand on its own or be mounted easily.


One thing to make a note of is that the product blows some dust on initial turn-on, so let it blow outside prior to use.

5. Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package

This is a complete set that will prepare you for everything related to cloning and rooting your plants. You can germinate, cut, and reproduce like never before. The Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package is excellent for beginners, as well as but ideal for experienced cloners.

You get every last item needed for the cloning and rooting process in this kit. That includes a reflective glow tent, a blue LED glow light panel, Co2 pads, roots and nutrients, an Accel-a-root starter tray, a cloning gel, domes, a radiance heat mat, scalpels, and a propagation tray.

The Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package gets you set-up and started and is the perfect way to set yourself up for success. You get easy-to-follow instructions to get started, as well as best practices and tips for results. This kit is easy to set up for use and will prepare you to set your roots in no time.


The kit includes all of the essentials to get started with seedlings and will let you easily clone and reset plants when the time comes. The heat mat included in the kit is reusable, so you don’t have to spend more by regularly changing it. Lastly, all materials in the kit are heavy-duty


One problem with the Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package is that the lights tend to hang low. That said, it can be propped up easily.

6. Oxygen Pot Systems 12 Bucket XL Super Flow

This 12 bucket system is one of the most efficient pot methods available and is well worth every penny of the cost. The system is adaptable and customizable to your preferences or needs. This pot system works with a digital set-up and does the job for you.

From pre-set feeding cycles to saturation processes, this system handles the basics and is quite effective, as well. You don’t have to babysit your growing plants; just let this system do that for you.

The Oxygen Pot Systems 12 Bucket XL Super Flow has a 60-gallon reservoir, which holds plenty of water to take care of business. The attached buckets are five gallons each to leave plenty of room for root growth. Additionally, the pots are made of fabric, which provides essential airflow.


The product practically does all of the time-intensive grow work for you. You can also grow a lot at the same time because of the bucket’s capacity.

There is also an included digital controller and durable tubing that won’t kink, bend, or break.


The product is best for use with soils that don’t need constant feeding, so you have to be very selective.

GrowAce Customer Service Review

The shared GrowAce review of products reflects that the company distributes high-quality products with consistent ratings. Any issues shared by customers were often updated to be taken care of because the company truly believes in customer service. GrowAce backs their products, but ultimately, they show they care about their consumers and want them to get the best.

It’s safe to say that whether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced grower, GrowAce cares about your experience and will go out of their way to ensure you are well taken care of all the time.

You can tell from the feedback of customers and staff members alike that customer satisfaction is greatly valued. On top of the service, the products are high-end items that are effective and will do the job proclaimed to do.

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Overall, we find that GrowAce has a lot to offer to their customers, and to them, it’s about the entire experience. If you receive a product that you aren’t happy with, they work to ensure your satisfaction. They also have experts who can help you with any part of the process.

From beginning level growers who have no idea what they need to do to high-volume experts that have it all figured out, GrowAce gladly serves the sector.

We stand behind GrowAce and the products that they offer. They are a high-volume company that offers a selection of high-quality marijuana-growing supplies and products. This company distributes only the best, and they do so for the best prices available.

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