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2 Newly sown marijuana seedlings emerged from pots

Are Grow Tents Smell-Proof?

Picture this. Your grow tent is wonderfully set up with your grow lights, shelves, humidifier or de-humidifier, air conditioner, ventilator fans, and ducting for air. You never thought to ask yourself:  ‘Are grow tents smell-proof?’,  and you think your grow tent is sealed off from the rest of your living space as well. But still, you […]

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2 grow tent

Grow Box vs. Grow Tent

Grow boxes and grow tents can be found in many different sizes, with setups matched to growers across the board. From beginners to experts demanding the utmost precision and completely customized setups, grow boxes and grow tents are available. Both solutions offer indoor growers a great way to handle all their hydroponics, while soil growers often […]

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2 steel casing pipe

Grow Room Intake and Exhaust Setup

Ventilation is essential to any grow room delivering an optimal yield and potency. All growers want to get the most from their setup, and your intake and exhaust are integral to air flow and circulation. Temperature control, transpiration, humidity regulation, and odor control all rely on a sealed system with the right intake fan and exhaust […]

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2 plants in grow tent

How to Increase Humidity in a Grow Tent

Unless you are growing cactus in your grow tent (and in that case, even they need a little water from time to time), then you are going to have to provide a certain level of humidity for your plants. Grow tents create greenhouse-like simulated environments, which are ideal for growing so many different types of plants. […]

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7 plants in grow tent

How to Lower Humidity in a Grow Tent

Humidity levels in a grow tent can either help or diminish your wonderful plants from performing at their best. You want luscious, full, and very nice green leaves that are moist and lush without being too dry. You want vigorous stems, roots, and vines that don’t wither or break easily. You also want the soil […]

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2 What Size Grow Tent for 12 Plants

What Size Grow Tent for 12 Plants?

So, you are the proud owner of 12 amazing plants. Rather than simply treat them as regular houseplants scattered throughout your living space, it helps to have a specific grow tent for them to live in, but what size grow tent for 12 plants? That way, you can give them the light source, moisture, humidity, ventilation, […]

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3 What Size Carbon Filter Do I Need

What Size Carbon Filter Do I Need?

Carbon filters are the only effective way of controlling the smell of cannabis. Other methods used to dampen the smell are ineffective at best. The activated charcoal present in a good carbon filter will bind with the odors released from your thriving indoor plants, but you may be asking what size carbon filter do I […]

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