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Cannabis greenhouse

LED vs HPS Power Consumption: Which Is Better?

LED vs HPS power consumption is important to think about when setting up your own grow room. Aside from yield, spacing, and upfront costs, you’ll also want to consider the long-term monetary effects of either type of lighting. The less power your grow space consumes, the more cost-effective your plants will become and knowing the […]

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3 plants on artificial light

Do Plants Need Direct Sunlight, or Just Light?

When discussing growing marijuana indoors, one of the things you will hear growers talk about the most is lighting and the question arises: ‘Do plants need direct sunlight, or just light?’ Cannabis is a plant that grows naturally outdoors, because it gets full sunlight during the day. Indoor growers need to be able to recreate this […]

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2 LED Grow Lights vs. HPS

LED Grow Lights vs. HPS

Growing indoors grants you a ton of opportunities to optimize the environment for peak plant health and the greatest yield. The type of grow lights which you use will affect the growth of your cannabis on more levels than you’d expect. While most growers agree that 1 gram of cannabis per watt is a good target, […]

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