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GrowAce Company Overview

GrowAce is a company that has built its brand around various products that assist in growing marijuana. They offer a vast selection, including lights, tents, and accessories. In this GrowAce review, we will discuss what the company has to offer. In an effort to fully review the company, we chose a variety of their products to dive […]

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CBDFx Company Overview

CBDFx offers a substantial variety of CBD products, from vaping tools to gummies and everything in between. In this CBDFx review, we will cover various aspects of the company, touching on a few of their select products. We chose a variety of items to provide you with a general overview of CBDFx and just what they […]

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how to smell proof a grow room

How to Smell Proof a Grow Room

Growers face a common problem; sometimes, growing marijuana doesn’t smell great. Wondering how to smell proof a grow room is normal, especially if you live in a smaller space and your neighbors are complaining. As legalization spreads and more and more people decide to grow their own marijuana, this problem is only going to become more […]

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who is cartsdom and what’s their best product

Who Is Cartsdom and What’s Their Best Product?

Cannabis cartridges have become all the rage these days, especially with the emergence of vaping. However, have you ever considered how you’re going to travel with your cartridges to keep them safe? Cartsdom has an exciting product that you’ll love to get your hands on known as the Cartsdom Roulette. With a sleek and stylish appeal, it’s just as functional as it is innovative and unique.

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cannabis weed

The State of Illinois Legalizes Marijuana

On Tuesday, June 25th 2019, Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker (D) signed into law a marijuana legalization bill The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (HB1438-SFA2). With the Governor signing the bill, Illinois has become the 11th  state in the US to end cannabis prohibition of cannabis for adult recreational use. Quick Navigation A Legislative Act First […]

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Bills to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Indiana

Congress Voted ‘Yes’ to Protect Legal Use Marijuana 

A very important event happened in Washington at the House on June 20th for marijuana law reform – Congress votes ‘yes’ to protect legal use marijuana. Quick Navigation Congress Votes to Protect State Laws for Legal Use Marijuana From Federal InterferenceNORML Lobby Work Front and CenterAmendment Not Yet Secure – Must Pass SenateSupport for NORML […]

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