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Best Vape Pen for 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparison
The market has become quite cluttered with numerous models and options, so it’s no wonder it’s become quite hard to decide which vape pen will suit your lifestyle the most.
HONEYstick Phantom Review
2 years ago

HONEYstick Phantom Review

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Cannabis or 'Weed' is now available in just about any form from dry herb, to oil, wax, resin or 'shatter'. A relatively new method for ingesting it involves using disposable or refillable vape ...
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HoneyStick brand vaporizers combine cutting edge technology, world class performance, and stealth concealment. Each of our products have been engineered to bring an unparalleled experience to the vaping of concentrates and essential oils. Our in house design team utilizes the highest quality components to perfectly accentuate flavor and intensity in every puff. With award winning finishes at High Times Cannabis Cups competitions HoneyStick is dedicated to elevate the vaping experience of patients and recreational users. Crafted for the connoisseur the brand has evolved into a lifestyle as no other.

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