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What We Like

  • A diverse collection of seeds
  • Allows sales of five to 25 seeds

What We Don't Like

  • Costly

When cultivating your marijuana, the most critical elements that you need to consider are the seeds that you will use. There are countless varieties of seeds on the market, and they can even be found in the buds.

If you are thinking about cultivating cannabis, and you’re a beginner, check out this Crop King Seeds review to  ensure that you purchase your seeds from a reputable seed bank such as Crop King Seeds.

We’ve thoroughly reviewed the extensive number of products available on the said website to help you decide if it’s the seed bank for you or not.

Crop King Seeds Review

Crop King Seeds

The brand was established in 2005, and since then, they have been continuously looking for innovative and scientifically enhanced ways to improve the genetics of cannabis plants for personal, medical, and commercial growers. Their hard work and due diligence ensure that the seeds produce have higher THC levels and weight of the yield.

The company offers everything from classic strains to new age hybrids. They are the first official Canadian seed bank not only to get recognized by international customers, but they are also the first to be able to sell cannabis seeds internationally.

Who is this product for?

The company sells seeds, so technically speaking, anyone with access to a computer can log onto their website and make the purchase. They also have three different phone lines activated to make it easier for their customers to buy their products.

It is a seed bank that legally provides multiple types of seeds to their customers, and they trust in you to follow along with your location’s laws when it comes to growing. In most places, they require the grower to be over the age of 19. If you are a botanist just interested in growing your own plants or have a medical condition that can benefit from having them, their products are for you.

What’s included?

When you purchase seeds from the company, the process is simple, just like the packaging and what they include. They do offer a wide variety to the public.

They have everything from CBD or Medical, auto-flowering, to feminized. Depending on the type or strain that you purchase, you are typically given the option to buy five, ten, or 25 seeds. Once you’ve chosen the quantity, you receive the seeds in the small package, and that’s it.

Those who purchase seeds in Canada receive the company's original packaging, while international customers receive their seeds in random objects such as CKS pens, flashlights, and other items. The package itself contains all pertinent information on the back including the type, indica or sativa percentages, THC level, and effect.

Overview of features

Using the Crop King Seeds website is very easy, and a lot of information is provided to ensure each of your questions gets answered. Regardless of the strain or type of seed you are purchasing, there is a thorough rundown of what you can expect from the seeds.

The information they provide offers you insight into the THC percentage, growing difficulty level, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor plant, the effect that it has on you, the country it comes from, and even the type of yield you can expect once the plant has fully matured.

The seed bank's website also features a detailed FAQ section that answers any question that you might have about what you receive when you purchase from them, privacy, payment methods, reputation, and more.

Additionally, Crop King Seeds provides merchandise for both commercial and personal use, on top of giving instructions for personal germination, a contact section, and complete information on all of their trusted partners that can aid in your cultivation process.

How to Germinate the Seeds?

The company has a preferred method when it comes to germinating their seeds. The step needs to be completed before the seed is planted in a high-quality soil. Thankfully, the process is relatively simple and only requires items that you usually find in your home.

We’ve provided you with a thorough video courtesy of Crop King Seeds that offers an in-depth tutorial on the germination process. You also get a great look at their packaging and a first look at the planting process.


While Crop King Seeds is renowned for being the top seed bank, if you are interested in providing your business to other seed banks, True North Seed Bank is another great option. They are a Canadian based seed bank that ships worldwide and offers a huge variety of seeds and multiple sexes.

Win Free Seeds at True North Seedbank

The True North Seed Bank also works with other seed banks to ensure that their customers can receive seeds that have unique and specialized breeding. In addition to seeds, True North Seed Bank also offers an array of merchandise such as zip-lock bags, shirts, and ashtrays. 


We were truly delighted with the quality of the seeds received from Crop King Seeds, as well as the number of resources that they have available on their website. There were no questions that remained unanswered, and their customer service was easy, quick, and friendly.

Every strain of seed that you are interested in purchasing has complete information including effects, THC percentages, and cultivation difficulty levels, which we found to be handy. Their seeds are affordably priced, and as an added benefit, they’re shipped discreetly. If you’re looking to cultivate your own marijuana plants, stop by the website since they have everything you need.

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