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How to Use Terpenes: An Informational Guide 

Quick Navigation What Are Terpenes?Types of TerpenesIndica TerpenesSativa TerpenesWhat Are the Uses of Terpenes?How to Use TerpenesCan Terpenes Be Used as a Thinning Agent?Choosing a TerpeneFinal Thoughts It is often that the aroma of cannabis is considered to have a relaxing effect. It can be soothing for both the body and the mind. Terpenes are […]

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How to Make THC Vape Juice in Easy Steps

Making your own vape juice can be a really interesting and fun process. After all, more and more vapers are choosing to go the do-it-yourself route because of those very reasons. Then again, to do it successfully, you will likely need a step-by-step guide to follow. If you really do wish to create your own […]

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cannabidiol molecular structure

CBDA vs CBD: How Are They Different? 

CBD oil seems to be just about everywhere these days, and now that you’ve got a good understanding of it, CBDA gets introduced. You might now be wondering which is better between CBDA vs CBD. You also probably want to understand the differences between the two. Both CBDA and CBD are cannabinoids. These are unique […]

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CBD oil extracts in a bottle

CBD Extraction Methods: How Is CBD Extracted?

Learning the various CBD extraction methods can help you to find the right type of CBD as well as the right potency. As byproducts of marijuana become increasingly popular, more studies are emerging about the benefits of CBD in aiding ailments from joint pain to anxiety. Knowing the ins and outs of the extraction process […]

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FDA Moves to Crack Down on Some CBD Industry Products and Practices

Tim McDonnell recently produced an article titled ‘The FDA Is About to Crack Down on Shady CBD Products”. Tim’s article looks at the FDA’s interest in the exploding CBD market and associated industry, and this comes at a coincidental and ironic timing with of the recent Blumenauer amendment passing through Congress on June 20th which seeks […]

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How to Use CBD for Acne: Does It Really Work?

You might be interested in learning how to use CBD for acne, and you’re not alone. Up to 50 million Americans suffer from acne, making it the most common skin condition in the country. Instead of relying on chemical-based solutions, you might be interested in something that has a higher prevalence of natural ingredients. As […]

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CBD for Pets Dosage: Vital Things to Think About

Quick Navigation The Research Behind Pets and CBD1. Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs2. Colorado State University StudiesVeterinarians and CBDThe Future of Studying CBD in PetsAt-Home CBD Administration1. CBD for Pets Dosage2. Product QualityFinal Thoughts CBD is one of the most popular products of marijuana, which leads many pet owners […]

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Can You Smoke in Central Park: Factors to Consider

Many people wonder and ask, “Can you smoke in Central Park or any other public space?” There’s no better way to be one with nature than to venture out into a national park. With plenty of activities to do and the ability to let go over your everyday thoughts, you might be interested in smoking […]

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Ways to Take Cannabis Without Smoking: The Best Alternatives

As time goes on, more people try to find ways to take cannabis without smoking it. By far, the most traditional way is to smoke it. You likely remember your very first time, inhaling the smoke and trying to figure out how long to pull before facing the inevitable cough. In the past, the idea […]

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