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What s the Difference Between Cannabis oil Wax Extract and Shatter 5

What’s the Difference Between Cannabis Oil, Wax Extract, and Shatter? What’s Best and What to Vape?

Quick Navigation What are Cannabis Extracts and Why Should You Care? What are Cannabis Concentrates? Dabbing vs. Vaping Conclusion One of the common questions that seems to crop up among cannabis users is what’s the difference between cannabis oil, wax extract, and shatter? What’s best and what to vape? So, here’s the lowdown. Sometime around the mid-2000’s, people […]

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Terpenes What You Need To Know

Terpenes: What You Need To Know!

Terpenes are volatile organic compounds that are the primary component in essential oils. They are produced by a wide variety of fragrant plants, notably herbs and conifers, and by some insects. This article will explain everything about Terpenes.

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What are Natural Terpenes and Why are They Beneficial in CBD

What are Natural Terpenes and Why are They Beneficial in CBD?

Quick Navigation Difference Between Terpenes and TerpenoidsWhat are Natural Terpenes? Why are Terpenes Beneficial in CBD?Common Terpenes Found in Cannabis Pinene (pine)Limonene (citrus)Myrcene (earthy, musky, fruity)Conclusion Cannabis users often ask what are natural terpenes and why are they beneficial in CBD. The short answer is that these hydrocarbons are directly responsible for the unique flavors and aromas […]

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