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Anxiety can lead to depression

Cannabis for Anxiety and CBD for Anxiety and Self Isolation Under Quarantine or Lockdown

Suggestions to Manage being in ‘Lockdown’ Plus Cannabis and CBD For Anxiety and Self-Isolation Under QuarantineCannabis and CBD can assist with serious anxiety by helping to keep your mind and body calm, while under self-Isolation or in mandatory quarantine. There are also other steps you can take to stop a slide into a  deeper and […]

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hemp for dogs

Hemp for Dogs and What You Need to Know About It

More pet parents are beginning to research hemp for dogs, especially those who are owners of elderly dogs or ones who are suffering from ailments. With more research put into cannabis for its wonderful healing benefits for  humans, the idea of using hemp to help your dogs isn’t as strange as it may seem. Before you start […]

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should you buy marijuana online

Should You Buy Marijuana Online? The Truth About Online Dispensaries

Should you buy marijuana online? It’s possible, but it would depend on where you live and the location of the dispensary you’re interested in. With the booming popularity of legalization, more connoisseurs are researching whether they can find an online shop instead of having to visit a dispensary in-person. However, it’s important to note that the rules aren’t […]

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CBDFx Company Overview

CBDFx offers a substantial variety of CBD products, from vaping tools to gummies and everything in between. In this CBDFx review, we will cover various aspects of the company, touching on a few of their select products. We chose a variety of items to provide you with a general overview of CBDFx and just what they […]

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cannabinoid-opioid interaction in chronic pain

Cannabinoid-Opioid Interaction in Chronic Pain

As opioid use increases each year dramatically, many people are on the search for alternative pain treatments. Many people are growing interested in ways to reduce their dependence on opioids, but they still need a way to cope with the pain. One promising area of research has been cannabinoid-opioid interaction in chronic pain. Using cannabis products to […]

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