CBD Oil vs. Vape Juice

CBD oil vs. vape juice liquid considers two  very different products. CBD oil cannot be vaporized as-is and if you plan to vaporize any form of CBD, make sure that it is the correct CBD liquid type.

The term CBD vape oil is used loosely leading many to misunderstand which product is appropriate for them. Here we’ll be explaining the differences between CBD oils vs CBD vape liquid while highlighting where each excels.

Keep the following info in mind and you can shop with confidence knowing which products are best for your health.


CBD oils are manufactured using a carrier oil which needs to be metabolized or heated through the process of cooking to be broken down. They do not work in a vape pen and are meant to be used under the tongue, ideally.

CBD tinctures and topical CBD creams are available as well. These all include CBD oil rather than CBD vape liquid. If you had to try to vape CBD oil you’d be left with a horrible taste and very little CBD thanks to the carrier oil in which the active compound is carried.

CBD Vape Liquid

CBD Vape Liquid

Most vape juice is manufactured from the male marijuana plant which only contains trace elements of THC. Any vape liquid or CBD oil which is legal in the US contains less than 0.3% THC which is nowhere near enough to induce a “high.” CBD vape liquid is far less 'viscous' than CBD oil.

The carrier used by CBD vape liquid burns easier and leaves no taste. A thinning agent is typically added to a carrier oil which allows it to vaporize easily. While various manufacturers will have their own e-liquid preference, the two most commonly used bases are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

Bioavailability – CBD Oil vs Vape Liquid

Vape liquid has an average bioavailability of 50-60%. This means that if you want to take a healthy daily dose of 50 mg as a person weighing 150 pounds or less, then you’ll need to vape about 80 mg of CBD. Oral consumption of CBD oil pales in comparison to vape liquid’s bioavailability. Even a poor vaporizer gives no less than 35% while CBD oil taken under the tongue delivers between 5% to 20% at its best.

CBD which is consumed orally undergoes a rigorous process of metabolism passing through the digestive tract and the liver. This reduction in bioavailability is known as the first-pass metabolism and drastically reduces the amount of CBD present in the blood. Even topical application of CBD surpasses oral bioavailability. Inhalation is the most effective way to deliver CBD to the body, with vaping leaving your free from exposure to tar and water accumulation.

Vape Liquid Flavors

The best CBD vape juice will be flavored using terpenes extracted from high-quality cannabis. The flavor and smell of each individual strain of cannabis is extracted as a liquid. This liquid known as terpenes can then be added to vape juice. Terpenes are isolated from all fruits and vegetables, while some terpenes are synthetically created. Always check where the taste of your vape juice comes from and stick to all-natural terpenes if you want the healthiest option.

Vape Liquid Flavors

The Best Extraction Process

Due to the way that vape liquid is atomized you want to avoid inhaling any residual particles if possible. The only way to guarantee that your vape liquid is completely free from toxins is to look for a product which includes CBD obtained via a CO2 extraction.

This means of extraction is used across countless industries ranging from coffee and tea to tobaccos, marine oil, perfumes, and, more recently, cannabis. Non-toxic and considered safe by the FDA, CO2 extraction does not bring any petroleum-based solvents into contact with the CBD.

An extraction machine freezes CO2 gas, compressing it into a supercritical cold liquid state. Specialized equipment puts this frozen gas under immense pressure while keeping the temperature below -69°F which allows it to exhibit properties of both gas and liquid at the same time. From this supercritical state, CO2 can use its fluidity to fill a container while staying dense.

CO2 Extraction from Cannabis

Supercritical CO2 is passed through an extractor containing high-quality cannabis. All of the trichomes and terpene oils, as well as the waxes, are pulled from the plant matter. The supercritical CO2, which now contains the raw active extract of the cannabis, is passed through a separator where it is divided into each various component.

This advanced extraction procedure allows far more cannabinoids to be isolated and captured. Compounds such as cannabigerol, cannabichromene, and cannabicitran are normally destroyed but remain intact through CO2 extraction.

Vaping – Best for Regular Users

Inhalation of anything can be a bit daunting for some. Despite the rapid bio-availability giving quick acting pain relief and the other CBD health benefits, some may prefer CBD oil. Both are viable treatments with fantastic efficacy but given that a large dose is needed daily, vaping is the easier option.

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