CBD Armour Review: The 3 Best CBD Armour Products

CBD can be a fantastic resource, which is why CBD Armour has an assortment of products designed to promote healthiness and longevity.

With skin balm, pure CBD oil, CBD soap, and even vegan hemp protein, there are several items you’ll want to get your hands on. This website is an excellent recommendation, as it has a simple design that is easy to use by any customer.

The History of CBD Armour

As the leading brand in the UK for CBD-based products, CBD Armour has a well-rounded list of products that feature the purest oils. To make sure every product is of the highest quality, they are routinely checked to meet the standards of their in-house scientists.

What we love the most is that all of the products are natural and organic. When you buy from CBD Armour, you won’t have to worry about artificial components, such as chemicals, flavors, or preservatives. This helps you to have the highest-grade CBD-based products possible.

Overall Website Review

In terms of its website, CBD Armour has one of the more impressive sites we’ve seen. It is straightforward to navigate and has several pages for you to explore. These pages include their shop, an FAQ section, and even a blog.

If you’re interested in selling their products wholesale, there’s a unique page for retailers to visit, and you can also read through their Trust Pilot reviews.

Every customer will have access to a 10% off voucher, as well, which can help to make your first purchase even more pocket-friendly.

Best CBD Armour Product Reviews

As with any cannabis or CBD-based store, some products are highly recommended by consumers. With this particular brand, there are three notable items you may want to consider adding to your collection.

1. 15% CBD Soap

There are numerous things this soap is made to do, especially in terms of rejuvenating your skin and protecting it against environmental hazards. With close attention to the elasticity and smoothness of your skin, this is one of the softest soaps you’ll get your hands on.

cbd armour review

Product Highlights

  • Natural Cleaning

As there aren’t any synthetic chemicals and harsh disinfectants in this soap, you’ll have the ability to clean your entire body naturally.

This feature is particularly crucial for people who have shown allergies to harsh astringents. There isn’t any lye or detergent in the formula, resulting in a softer and smoother showering experience.

  • Moisturizing

After using the soap one to two times, you’ll begin to notice positive changes in your skin. Flakiness and redness will become less apparent, as will itchiness.

Although these soaps are not for treating specific medical conditions, they can assist with the suppleness of your skin.

  • Special Manufacturing

Each bar is entirely handmade and is crafted using modern herbal extraction methods. Once the formula has been created, the soap is then placed in a clay oven for baking. This process ensures the temperature doesn’t go above 60 degrees.

After being cut and dried in a ventilated room, it is then stored in a temperature-controlled area for optimal viability.

  • Healthy Ingredients

There are numerous healthy ingredients in this soap formula, including olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, flaxseed oil, castor oil, natural essential oils, calendula extract, and 15,000mg of full-spectrum cannabinoid content.


  • May assist with inflammatory pain
  • May help with sleeping
  • Soap soothes eczema


  • Poorly packaged
  • The order may arrive damaged

2. CBD Oil

If you’re more interested in having pure CBD oil at your disposal, this is the product you’ll want to focus on. Available in various sizes, this CBD oil is a food supplement that is 100% natural.

cbd armour review

According to CBD Armour, it is a 100% legal and pure product that you can use to your advantage.

Product Highlights

  • Multiple Sizes

You have full control over the amount of CBD oil you order, as there is more than one size. The smallest is 10 ml (1000mg), but there are also 30-ml (3000mg), 50-ml (5000mg) bottles. The largest is 100 ml (10000ml).

  • Carefully Created

Every bottle of oil from this company is derived from specially selected hemp plants. Every plant is grown on their farm and is cold-processed to create the highest quality oil possible. You’ll also appreciate how the extractor oil gets concentrations above 10%.

  • Healthy Acids

There is also a possibility that this food supplement provides more than just CBD. During processing, the hemp seed oil releases some essential fatty acids and Omega acids, which are said to assist with heart health.


  • Could assist with sleep
  • Could be useful for anxiety
  • Assists with dry scalps


  • May cause stomach upset
  • Poor packaging

3. CBD Skin Balm

Salves and balms are by far the two most popular products you’ll find from most CBD stores. They are so popular because they can assist with inflammation and joint pains, as well as moisturize the affected area.

cbd armour review

This balm features 80% CBD and is easy to apply directly to the skin without the need for a carrier oil.

Product Highlights

  • Topical Application

As you can likely tell, you’ll have to apply this balm to your skin to experience its effects. You will then be able to see and experience a reduction in pain, redness, and swelling. The lotion is also phenomenal at providing the perfect amount of moisture to your skin.

  • Full CBD Content

With 40,000mg of CBD per 50 ml of this balm, you’ll have a full range of CBD content to use to your advantage. The oil is mixed with beeswax and organic calendula oil for a soothing and natural healing experience.

  • Natural Fragrance

Similar to the other products from CBD Armour, this balm is certified organic. The fragrances aren’t harsh on the skin and are derived from herbal essences.

When applied, the lotion doesn’t have an overwhelming smell. Instead, it smells light and fresh.


  • May assist with pain
  • Arrives quickly
  • Balm smells fresh


  • May feel too oily
  • May transfer onto clothes

Final Thoughts

One common theme in this CBD Armour review is that the products have the most exquisite attention to detail. With natural and organic ingredients, you can rest assured you’ll have a high-quality CBD-based product to put to good use.

From soap to pure CBD oil, this site has absolutely anything you’d need if you’re looking for luxurious and safe products to use.

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