Cannastick Dab Mod Nano Kit Review

Cannastick Dab Mod Nano Kit: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Compact design, extremely durable
  • Loaded with modern technology
  • Very pleasant dab hits

What We Don't Like

  • Could have a bigger battery

Looking to jump into the dabbing world? You may have noticed that there are a lot of kits available, but it’s hard to figure out which one is the right one for you. Do you go with a more expensive one, or a basic kit to try out?

Not all kits are created equal, and often the perfect one for you will be different than your neighbor’s. The Cannastick Dab Mod Nano Kit review contemplates whether the Starter Kit may be a great option for you, so keep reading to find out where it shines or when you may need to look at an alternative kit.

Cannastick Dab Mod Nano Kit Review

Cannastick Dab Mod Nano Starter Kit

The Cannastick Dab Mod Nano kit is an electric pen for dabbing wax, live resin concentrate, and shatter. This model is marketed as affordable and simple to use.

Who is this Cannastick Dab Mod Nano Kit?

This mod is easy to use so it’s perfect for beginners. Users on a strict budget may find this pen appealing since it has one of the lowest price points on the market.

What's included?

The Dab Mod Nano kit comes with 7 components: battery, charger, dab tool, 2 coils, mouthpiece, and chamber. It also includes a USB charger, easy instructions, and convenient gift box.

Overview of Features

Rechargeable Battery

First, the 650mAh lithium-ion battery is rechargeable. It has a relatively small charge capacity in comparison to some higher priced kits, but for the price you may want to make that compromise. Even if you may have to recharge it more often throughout the day.

Replaceable Mouthpiece

This kit also comes with a replaceable alloy mouthpiece. Sometimes accidents happen. If it does, you can replace this mouthpiece easily by ordering the replacement part from the website.

2 Coils

Next, this kit includes 2 coils in the box: a donut and a dual quartz. What’s the difference? The dual quartz coil creates a high temperature dab and more smoke than a donut coil, but the donut coil gives you more flavor and produces less smoke.

Which one to use is a matter of preference, but it’s nice to have both options included in the box.

Dab Tool

Also, the box includes a dab tool. This is nothing fancy, but it’s convenient if you want to use your pen as soon as you receive it, as it makes putting wax on the coil effortless.

USB Charger

You also get a small USB charger to recharge the pen battery. It’s tiny and adheres to the magnetic surface of the pen. The pen sticks straight out of the USB charger though, so positioning it may be awkward sometimes.

Easy Instructions

The instruction card that comes with it is easy to read, but may not be as easy to follow. If you are new to dabbing, you may need to look up further instructions or grab a friend to help.

How to use the Cannastick Dab Mod Nano Kit?

As previously mentioned, unless you’ve used a pen like this before you may be confused about how to use it. If you are, take a look at the video below to watch a quick and easy tutorial about how to use your pen straight out of the box:


If you want a cheap disposable pen for your waxes, you may want to try out the HoneyStick Rip and Ditch Disposable Dab Vape Pen instead. It’s a little cheaper than the Dab Mod Nano and you don’t have to worry about recharging it. Just use it until it runs out, which is after approximately 200 rips.

However, if you were thinking of a more luxurious pen and you are prepared to pay the extra cash, you may want to check out the Dr Dabber Aurora Vaporizer. This kit comes with 3 interchangeable atomizer chambers designed for waxes of different viscosity, an LED temperature control system and a ceramic mouthpiece. With this kit, you will never burn your goods. Good battery life with a very convenient magnetic cradle charger. The discreet elegance of this dab vape is a  wax-only vape that that will appeal to wax users that like to use different waxes and are looking for reliable smooth and tasty hits.

Lastly, if you want to pay a little less but also want an eye-catching dab pen that is still very discrete to use, take a look at the Mig Vapor WASP pen! It’s ultra-compact and portable with a long battery life and short recharge time. It also features a carborundum coil that heats up to 450 degrees for quick rips on the go.


There is such a variety of dab pens to choose from that it may be easy to become overwhelmed. But picking one out is a little easier if you figure out what options suit you best.

If affordability is a factor, budget dab pens such as Cannastick’s Dab Mod Nano kit or the Honey Stick Rip and Ditch may be the better solutions for you. They are also great if you are just starting out and don’t really know what you want yet. However, if you are a veteran dab pen user you may want to invest in something that lasts like the Dr Dabber Aurora Vaporizer.

Lastly, picking the right pen is a very personal choice, so go with the right one for your lifestyle. Take these reviews as a jumping off point to steer you in the right direction to finding the perfect pen for you.

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