Can You Use Seeds from Weed to Grow: Basics on Growing Marijuana

It’s common to find weed buds with seeds hidden away inside of them. Unless you’re examining the bud, you might not notice that they’re there before you start the grinding process.

However, if you do find some, and you wonder can you use seeds from weed to grow, then the short answer is it’s possible.

Some factors need to be taken into consideration with the basics on growing marijuana when attempting to cultivate marijuana from a seed that you found in a fully matured bud.

This article outlines those specific factors and what you need to do. 

How to Grow Plants from Seeds Found in Your Weed Buds?

If you find a seed in a marijuana bud and decide that you want to try growing it, then you need to understand how to germinate those seeds before you do any planting. It’s not as simple as just putting the seed into the soil, watering it, and exposing it to sunlight.

There is proper care that needs to be applied to marijuana seeds, and it’s a bit more work to cultivate from seeds found in your bud than it is to grow genetically balanced seeds from a reputable seed bank.

How to Grow Plants from Seeds Found in Your Weed Buds

Before you begin the germination process, it’s imperative that you take a closer look at your seed to ensure it’s healthy and ready to withstand germination. If the seed that you find in your bud is yellowish or green in color, or it’s damaged in any way, then your seed is pretty much useless.

On the contrary, if your seed is brown, whole, and undamaged, then it’s healthy, and you have a decent shot at cultivating a healthy plant.

Let’s take a look at the steps of the germination process:

Step One

Place your seed in a cup with room temperature water for ten to eighteen hours. Initially, the seed is going to float on the top because it hasn’t absorbed enough water to weigh it down.

After a few hours, press down the seed, so it goes to the bottom. It’s important to keep your seed away from the surface where it’s exposed to dust and airborne particles.

Step Two

Once you notice that the seed has cracked and you can see the color of the root (usually around the 18-hour mark,) it’s time to remove the seed from the glass.

Step Three

Take a plate or another surface that has a dip in it and splay a wet, high-quality piece of paper towel across the surface.

Step Four

Lay your brown seeds on the paper towel, ensuring to separate each one, so they have enough room for the root to come out. From there, fold your wet paper towel to encompass your seeds fully.

Step Five

Leave the wet paper towel seed packet in a dry, dark room, and periodically check to ensure that the paper towel hasn’t dried. It’s imperative that you keep the paper towel wet at all times, without drowning the seeds in a puddle of water.

Why Are Seeds Found in Some Cannabis Buds

Step Six

Be patient. The entire germination process can take about ten days; however, the majority of seeds are going to start after two or three days. If after those few days you don’t notice any signs that the seed is opening up and spreading out roots, the seed can be discarded.

Step Seven

Once the roots have adequately grown out, it’s time to transplant the seed and roots into a small pot with high-quality soil. The soil is extra crucial with seeds found in the buds because they require all the nutrients they can get. From there, keep your soil moist by using a spray bottle until the seed sprouts.

Step Eight

Once the seed sprouts, you can transfer your plant to a larger pot where it has more room to grow. It’s recommended that you fill the bottom with gravel for better drainage.

From there, you treat your plant like any other. Ensure it’s watered, properly fed with high-quality soil and fertilizer, and given enough sunlight. 

Why Are Seeds Found in Some Cannabis Buds?

During the harvesting process of marijuana plants, the cola (buds) are mixed with all parts of the bud that contain the THC and CBD. It’s during the harvesting where the entire bud is ready to be cut.

Do note though that there are times where the cultivator allows the plant to be harvested too late, or they are experimenting with different methods, and it’s left long enough for the seed of another marijuana plant to grow. If this happens to you and you ask can you use seeds from weed to grow, the answer is yes.

You just need to ensure that the seeds are healthy and brown, as well as germinate properly before you attempt to plant them. It’s also essential to keep in mind that they might not grow as efficiently as seeds from a seed bank, and the yield might be lower. 


It might be more cost-efficient for you to grow plants from seeds that you find in your weed buds. If you are a first-time cultivator, though, it’s definitely recommended that you purchase seeds from a seed bank, so you know they are in a healthy state, and you have a higher chance of growing a mature plant.

When growing seeds found from buds, the consistency likely won’t be the same as the bud that you found them in unless you are entirely sure of the climate that the parent was grown in and can duplicate the environment with ease.

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