Best Vape Carrying Case

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Vaping is becoming more popular, and continues to be a favorite for many looking to the future. With so many options out there, more people are enjoying the vaping experience world over.

If you vape regularly, you will probably want a nice carrying case to keep your vape kit secure. Therefore, if you are looking for a new case, in this article we will discuss and show you 3 of the best vape carrying case styles currently on the market. We hope this will give you some inspiration to find a new carrier.

Wick and Wire Vape Case

Wick and Wire is a Californian company that specializes in vaping products, and their line is all top quality. This sleek vape case would be a good option for those who prefer a more stylish product. We take a look at its key features below.


  • Nylon and suede design
  • Portable, added clip on
  • Spacious interior
  • Functional and fashionable
  • Secure
  • Organized
  • Internal elastic strap
  • Sling strap option


  • Issues with the zipper


The vape case by Wick and Wire is a strong and durable case which is able to be worn in different ways. This case has also been designed to look good, so you will definitely want to be seen with this vape case.

Durable design

The Wick and Wire vape case has been carefully designed with heavy-duty nylon. This makes it a tough little case which can take some wear and tear. It also features soft suede in front and 2 strong zipper pulls.

Multi-wear options

Thanks to the extra belt loop, you can easily clip the carrier to your backpack or luggage when traveling, or even to your belt. There is also an added sling strap so that the case can easily be worn over your shoulder.


The best extra feature of this Vape case is its spacious interior. With a generous 3.5inch x 5.75 dimensions, you can fit most popular brands inside your new case with ease. There is also an internal elastic strap which can keep it extra secure when out and about.


Vape and Wires Carbon Carrying Case

The next vape case featured on our list is the carbon carrying case by Vape and Wires. This is another durable case which has been designed for a wide range of smoking tools. We take a look at its main features below.


  • Carbon fiber design
  • Dual zipper
  • Internal elastic
  • Storage net space for other accessories
  • Top quality
  • Mid-sized case
  • Holds upright
  • Portable
  • Strong


  • Smaller than advertised


If you are looking for a well-made carbon fiber designed case, then look no further as Vape and Wires have the perfect solution. This case is sure to hold all your vape equipment with ease.

Well made

If you vape often, you will want to make sure your equipment is kept secure and doesn’t become damaged when you move around. Having a good quality case is key and the vape case by Vape and Wires is a durable, well-made carrier you can trust.

Simple design

When you store your smoking equipment, you want to be able to fit it in without any struggles. This carbon fiber designed case provides a well-designed interior with elastic and mesh, allowing you to easily store your parts with no problems.

Easily portable

Thanks to the medium size of this case, it is easily portable and can fit many different brands inside. This is a reliable case which can be taken anywhere and fitted within a backpack or side bag without any issues.


Vape Carrying Case by Klouders

The third and final vape carrying case on our list is the Klouders vape case. This is a fantastic vape organizer which is perfect for carrying all your vape accessories. We’ll take a look at its special features below.


  • High quality
  • Convenient
  • 4 Pockets
  • Protects vape device
  • Durable material
  • Versatile design
  • Strong Velcro strap
  • Multi-wear options


  • Seems to be too big for some vaping devices, allowing too much movement inside the case
  • Some have reported the stitching comes undone after a while


Looking for a top quality case to keep your vaping device and accessories secure? The Klouders case should be a top contender. This durable case features a very versatile design and even comes with an exclusive E-Book!

Versatile design

With this vape carrier, you have several different ways to carry it. Thanks to a stylish belt loop with reinforced stitching, you can simply clip it to your belt so that you never lose it. If you prefer to wear it over your shoulder, this is also possible as there is an adjustable shoulder strap, allowing you to wear it as you like. There is also a carabiner clip for an even easier attachment to your backpack or any other item with a loop.


The Klouders vape bag has been designed using durable materials which protect your vape and accessories from getting wet, scratches or any further damage. Therefore, you can be guaranteed this case will keep your vaping equipment safe and secure at all times.


Which Vape Carrying Case Is Best For Me?

All of the vape carrying cases on our list are likely to keep your vaping kit protected while traveling, or just out on the town.

If you are shopping on a budget, you will likely be more interested in a less-expensive alternative. If this sounds like you, a few of these options are suitable for those shopping on a smaller budget. The cheapest vape case is the Vape and Wires carbon fiber case, which is great for the quality of the product. The second most-inexpensive option on our list is the vape case by Wick and Wire.

If you are looking for a quality vape carrying case, we would recommend the 3 mentioned on our list as they are guaranteed to keep your vape kits safe and secure.

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Markus Waiki - January 18, 2019 Reply

Thanks man! Personal stuff for yr vape is great. Gotta be discreet!

    VapeMaster - January 22, 2019 Reply

    Hey Markus, Nice comment! I don’t like carrying my vape around loose and if I am using dry herb with one of my vapes I want to keep the tamping tool handy along with the goods. A carry case to keep it all together is really useful and will protect your mod from damage if loose and falls out of your pocket. Thanks.

Kathryn - February 14, 2019 Reply

Нi there are you using Wordpresѕ for y᧐ur site platform? I have a website for CBD products and I am just curious.

    VapeMaster - February 15, 2019 Reply

    Hi Kathryn,
    The site is built using WordPress with a paid theme.
    Wish you well with your site and good to see another platform promoting the benefits that CBD can bring to people 🙂

Delphian - February 15, 2019 Reply

Nice post. A carrying case is important. It’s no fun when you crack a cartridge full of oil. Learned that one!

    VapeMaster - February 15, 2019 Reply

    Hey Delphian, I agree!

Adell - February 15, 2019 Reply

What’s the point of a carrying case? Simply drop my vape in my bag.

    VapeMaster - February 16, 2019 Reply

    Hi Adell, Well I have broken a cartridge glass before. The carrying case is a good idea to keep all your stuff together and really the major reason from my view is to protect your mod, pen or cartridge from being damaged or broken. Thanks for the comment. Cheers!

Newtocbd - February 19, 2019 Reply

Whoaһ this blog is great I love ѕtudying your articles.

Keep up the good work! Y᧐u know, a lot of peopⅼe are searching around for this info,
you can help them gгeatly.

    VapeMaster - February 21, 2019 Reply

    Hi Bradford,
    Thanks for your positive comment. We are firmly behind vaping as the most healthy approach to using marijuana, both for medical and recreational purposes. Vaping cuts out nearly all the smoke particulates that smoking a joint will also produce. It’s simply a better way to go! Cheers. - February 20, 2019 Reply

Heү There. I found your weblog using msn. That is an extremely well written article.
Ӏ’ll bookmark it and return to learn more. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitelу return.

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    Thanks Darryl, Thanks for the nice comment, glad you enjoyed your visit. Cheers!

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