Best Smell Proof Bags of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons 

Cannabis use has been easier to spot given the legalization of it in more and more states. The most noticeable marker is the scent for which it is well-known. Marijuana that is higher in quality tends to give off a very potent smell that is not easy to hide.

Even if the smell is enjoyable, most cannabis users would prefer to mask or hide the smell at least some of the time. Thankfully, this is possible if you have the right bag.

Finding the perfect stash bag is a necessity if you are a cannabis user looking to be discreet at times. Here, we will take a look at some of the best smell proof bags on the market.

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Best Smell Proof Bags: Brief Reviews

1. Legend Smell Proof Back Pack

Designed with the traveler in mind, this bag was designed to be very tough. Aside from its durability, you can also rely on its high level of functionality. Plenty of pockets, locable zippers and plenty of room to carry your important stuff and your stash without a worry.


Product Highlights

The design of this bag is one that is aesthetically pleasing and also quite functional. It is water-resistant and has quite a bit of space so that you can bring along just about anything you need. There is an inner stash pocket that will keep your goods discreet from others.

In addition to that, there is a Carbon Filter System in this bag, which will control any odors from escaping. This can be a really great feature when traveling with others or around others.


Sturdy, thick wall construction and well padded straps make this pack ideal to carry with you when traveling and locable zips will keep any smell in and prying eyes out so that your essentials will stay safe during travel.  The exterior of the bag is also water-resistant.

There is a handy canvas loop on the bag and 5 pockets and pouches to take all your small stuff and laptop, along with the main bag interior storrage. The shoulder straps are easily adjustable for comfort. The bag is made for rugged use and measures 18 inches by 13 inches by 5 inches . The bag comes in 2 color options which are a stylish gray and a smart black.

To make the deal super sweet for you, the great people at Erozul have some free gifts for you with your purchase. At no extra cost they will add a grinder, 2 smell proof mylar stash pouches and a CVault stash storage tin. If you think it can’t get better than that, they also have a full one year limited warranty against finding any workmanship faults in this bag, which would be very unusual, and that means they would replace the bag with a new one. 


The Legend Back Pack plus free gift set

The Good

The overall design of this bag is really nice if you need something large enough for to hold all your valuable stuff while traveling and not too large that you can’t throw this over your shoulder and go for a hike with your fav vape and weed inside.

Its aesthetically  neutral enough that most people will like its look, and it can easily be carried using the shoulder straps.

There are also plenty of features that keep the contents secure, such as lock for the zippers and additional pockets to separate important items inside.

The Bad

IThis bag is well designed to do what is promises but the color options and styling details are very conservative, we would venture to say, even a little boring. If the idea is not to attract attention to this bag, then that is certainly achieved with a conservative look, but we know there are some people that like lots of color and clever design detail, and that can also be useful to spot a bag quickly if you have left it on the trail when hiking or in a coffee shop.


  • Two stylish of color options
  • Really durable design
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes  with a free gift of 2 mylar pouches, grinder and a CVault stash tin
  • One year warranty


  • More designer color and style options would be great

2. Exodus Smell Proof Case

This is a carry case, which makes it a great option for anyone who has to seperately organize many items including your favorite vapes, weed stash, grinder and other tools. If you want a case that keeps all these items organized, but seperate from other things, like a laptop or a sweater, then this the Exodus Smell Proof Case is the solution for you.


Product Highlights

This smell proof case has so many interior storage compartments packed into its compact design but the designers at Erozul added a handy outside zip compartment with a pull-line for items like a map that you can get to quickly without showing the world what you have inside. Inside you will find a treasure trove of pockets and a large flat statchel for your stash pouch items. There are pockets for everything, including storage jars for different strains, so you can use this to pack for a long vacation time and have a strain variety available for a particular time of day. There’s room enough for a couple of portable vapes and equipment, so if you want to vape dry herb on the trail and later switch to concentrate, its all there in the case. 


The bag itself is quite stylish and has a handle that is easy to grip. The internal copartment separators can also be easily removed to make larger compartment section. This carry case includes a Carbon Filter System as the back pack and comes in the same two colors of stylish gray or smart black. 

Weighing only 1 lb, this bag measures 7 inches by 9 inches by 3.5 inches. The combination lock will keep curious people out while the filter system will keep odors in. With this combination, you can be sure that your belongings are kept safe and secured.


Because Erozul want you to be super happy with your carry case purchase, they have added 2 smell proof mylar stash bags and a grinder for you, and you have the comfort of a 1 year warranty.


The Exodus Smell Proof Case plus free gift set

The Good

We like the compact size of this bag. It maybe compact, which means that it isn’t too big that it is bulky, but it is large enough for all your special items, when you want to keep them separate from your other luggage. The inner storage design with movable compartment separators gives you the flexibility set up compact storage to suit your own equipment and stash jars.

The overall design of the bag is a nice one. Between the inner satchel, zipper compartment and main storage space pockets with moveable spacers, Erozul added the outer zipper storage for items you might need in a hurry, without revealing your stuff. 

Heavy construction with a water resistent outlayer will keep your goods safe and dry, while a conservative and stylish design does not reveal what you might have stashed inside!

The Bad

This bag is too small for other personal items and really is only designed for your goods and equipment. You won’t get a sweater and your overnight change of clothes into this one!

We again felt that it would be really nice to have a larger range of colors and style designs for those that love their items to be different and unique. 


  • Two color options
  • Easy to carry with plenty of versatile storage
  • Good size to contain your goods and equipment in a separate carry bag, which could be put into a larger bag or luggage
  • Comes  with a free gift of 2 mylar pouches and grinder
  • One year warranty


  • Limited colors and conservative style
  • Small size does not allow space for other personal items you may want to pack.

3. Genesis Medium Smell Proof Case

 This is a smaller bag that is built with discreetness in mind, but still offers you the same locable security as the larger smell proof bags and comparements for your goods.


Product Highlights

The Genesis Medium Smell Proof Case is a small version case that has the same design features of the larger version as well as the Carbon Filter System to keep odors trapped. Its closure uses the double lockable zipper system with the combination lock, so you know your goods will stay secure, and you know odors won’t be able to escape.


After using the bag for a period, you can restore the interior to an odor state just by placing it in the dryer for a couple of minutes. This bag is small and can be placed in another one for easy transport if needed. Its dimensions measure 8 inches by 4 inches by 3.25 inches, and it weighs only 8.5 ounces.


The same tough and durable multi-layered Carbon Filter System is used for the outer case material, and a handy slip pocket is added to the face of the case for small items you might want to keep handy, like your fishing licence or a map. Inside you have a removalbe storage divider with a slip pocket and another pocket in the top cover. The body has two removable and movable dividing wall pieces that let you work out the set up of space for your things.


The standard one year warranty applies to this bag and you also get 2 free mylar stash storage pouches and an acrylic grinder as gifts from Erozul when your buy.


The Genesis Medium Smell Proof Case plus free gift set

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The Good

We like the overall durability of this bag and we like its very compact size when you have a smaller number of cannabis items to pack, and there is room enough for your favorite stash, grinder and vape equipment.

The lockable zipper is on this smaller case is really nice feature, so a smaller size does not mean that you don’t get the security. 

The Genesis Medium Smell Proof Case is available in a gray and black version, and is perfect to throw in your main luggage, as you would a toiletries bag.

The Bad

Back to our usual point on the conservative offering of colors, but these bags are nicely designed. 

This size may not be the case for you if you have lots of equipment and a large stash load to pack. This is for the discreet traveller with who needs his or her stash and fav vape device nicely and securely stored away….without any leaky odors.


  • Lockable zipper provides extra security
  • Water-resistant and strong design
  • Great compact and discreet design
  • Comes  with a free gift of 2 mylar pouches and grinder
  • One year warranty


  • Usual muted and conservative color range
  • Not ideal if you want to pack a range of vape devices and differnt types of goods. You may need something larger!
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4. Orion Smell Proof Bag 

This is a small bag that will fit just your essentials when going on a quick trip. If you are looking for a bag that keeps discreetness a priority and needs minimal space to pack in other luggage or to put in a backpack, this option is a great one.


Product Highlights

The Orion Smell Proof Bag offers a single main pocket that is both durable and water-resistant. It uses a Carbon Filter System to keep all odors trapped and is small enough to remain very discreet. Just becuase this bag is very small doesn’t mean that it misses out on the combination security lock to keep the curious minded from seeing what you have inside.

This may be a small bag but the exterior is tough and features the odor trapping activated carbon material. Being water resistant it’ll keep the interior dry, but it also helps in keeping odors trapped. The main pocket has a smaller pocket inside, so you can seperate items.


You should be able to use this bag every day without a worry. You can take your favorite stash and vape to a party or BBQ without anyone being the wiser about what you have inside. The bag measures 11 inches by 7.5 inches by 2.5 inches.


The Orion Smell Proof Bag plus free gift set

The Good

This is a nice carry all bag for the daytime when you can put your vape and stash together to carry safely and discreetly for those moments when your out and about and they keep nice and dry in the interior. No worries about unwantes smell as this little unit also works to trap any odors and prevent them from escaping.

We also appreciate that this bag has a carry strap and is available in the usual gray or black with the standard one year guarantee.

The Bad

The only real drawback to this bag is its size, but that is the point! This is a days usage bag for an outing or some other occasion, and for that, it size is an advantage. You won’t be fitting many accessories in this bag, but if you just want to transport your stash and a vape, this is a great bag for that. It will fit inside another bag quite easily.


  • Compact size is handy for a daily outing safe storage of your stash and vape
  • Combination lock for security
  • Very discreet given its size
  • Comes a free gift of 2 mylar pouches and a grinder
  • One year warranty


  • Small size. 
  • No bright  colors available so keep you eye on your bag when you are out, because gray and black can be colors that are hard to spot if your bag is missing.

5. Nano Smell Proof Pouch

This backpack style bag gives the highest level of security. It is lockable and offers features to keep you organized.


Product Highlights

The Nano Smell Proof Pouch is a perfect pocket size solution to keep your stash on an a daily outing. It is small enough to slip in your pocket. The handy D-ring enables you to connect the bag to you or another item, so it is not so easily mislaid or picked up by someone curious without you knowing. 

The heavy duty, multi-layered, activate charcoal smellproof material that this pouch is made from will keep your stash from being detected. One sizeable pocket in a pocket-sized pouch can take a mylar pouch or two plus room for a vape, and measures 3 inches by 6 inches. 


This bag is water-resistant and makes use of a Carbon Filter System. You won’t experience any odor escape from the dry herb or concentrate. Once smells have been absorbed, you can simply put the bag in the dryer for a couple of minutes, and the bag will go back to a like-new state.

This pouch is perfect to throw in with one of the larger bags for a longer trip and can be used for a short outing if you don’t want to carry around the larger smell-proof bag. 


Nano Smell Proof Pouch in Black with Mylar pouch gift set

The Good

We like that this bag is a perfect pocket size addition to add to a larger bag. A simple smellproof pouch to put your stash and vape in for days outing

The Bad

No seperate pockets, only the one large pocket.


  • Perfect pocket sized smellproof addition to a larger bag.
  • Simple storage
  • Waterproof and durable protection for your stash and vape.
  • 1 year warranty


  • Only good for carrying a small amount of stash and a small vape. 
  • No internal pocket
  • Same two muted color choices
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    Buyer’s Guide

    There are a number of things to keep in mind when shopping for the best smell proof bags. There are different options available for purchase, ranging from an emphasis on the size of the bag and compatmental pockets, to the overall style, to those issues where the primary focus is on size for practicality.

    You’ll want to keep a few things in mind when shopping for the best smell proof bag for you. Here are a few factors to consider:

    1. Type

    There are two primary types of smell proof bags available: disposable and reusable. Wherever possible, we always recommend the reusable option, given the impact disposable ones can have on the environment.


    Disposable bags tend to cost a whole lot less than the reusable ones. However, they have their downsides, as well. Disposable bags break easily and are usually very small in size. They are made cheaply, and won’t give you the same comfort of durabiliity and security.

    You need to throw disposable bags out after just one or two uses, which isn’t really all that practical. 


    Reusable smell-proof bags are better constructed overall when compared to disposable ones. They are made of materials and fabrics that are more expensive and far sturdier.

    These bags don’t just hold in the smell, but they help to filter them out, as well. Even though they cost more money, they last a whole lot longer, are usually better designed which can help rationalize spending the money upfront.

    2. Sizes

    You can find smell proof bags in a variety of sizes. This versatility means that you can always find one that suits your individual needs when it comes to size. There are some that are quite small, such as the Nano, and some measure just two by three inches, such as the Mylar pouches.

    On the other hand, there are those that have a luggage-style, or a hard-shell carry-box style (see the HoneyStick hard-shell Vape box) and soft-shell carry-handle bag or backpack design. These can be wider than a foot and many inches deep with a height of up to eight inches.

    You want to consider a larger bag if you plan to travel with a number of smoking accessories. If you don’t plan on doing so, a larger bag might prove cumbersome. In those instances, a tiny bag might be enough for you, or you can incorporate a smaller bag addition with your larger bag for day trips and events where you want to carry a vape and some stash with you.

    You’ll just want to think about where you plan on traveling and with what items so that you can decide which smell-proof bag is right for you and your needs.

    3. Material

    Smoke-proof bags come in a variety of different materials. The disposable ones are usually made from a plastic material, such as Mylar. Reusable bags are made from more durable fabrics and materials where the bag wall is a sandwich style of construction to incorporate an active charcoal absorption layer.

    Quality reusable bags are usually made with an outer layer of tough nylon as part of a sandwich material fabric which is water resistant, protect what you have inside your bag and offer true odor suppression so you can have peace of mind that your stash is not going to be detected during travel.

    4. Closure

    The closure you choose is really a personal preference for the most part. However, it can also play a role in safety. You want a bag that stays securely closed. Otherwise, you leave your marijuana susceptible to others.

    In addition, if not sealed properly, smells can escape. This can completely defeat the purpose of a smell proof bag altogether. 

    Many bags have a simple zipper closure, which is usually effective enough. However, the best closure type when it comes to safety is a zipper that also has Velcro cover with a top edge that folds over to lock in odors, or an edge seal over the zip.

    Hard shell boxes can offer a soft gasket seal to keep water out and odors in.

    5. Other Features

    There are some other features to consider when purchasing the right smell proof bag for you, such as the storage arrangment inside and the strap or handle setup. Design features are usually based on your personal preference. However, you want a bag you like, so you’ll want to keep these features in mind when making your selection.


    Compartments can be useful when trying to organize your bag’s contents. With the right number and size of compartments, you can keep things separated, which can prevent you from having to dig through your bag when you need something in a hurry. Compartment walls that are adjustable, or removeable completely are very useful.

    You’ll want to keep in mind that the exterior pockets may not have the same smell proof properties as the main interior compartment.


    You will see that the majority of smell proof bags come in discreet and neutral colors and don’t attract all that much attention. However, some people do like bright colors and unusual designs, which can make it easier to spot your bag if it goes missing


    If you are planning to transport any glass pipes or grinders in your bag, you’ll want to buy one that has good cushioning, or look at a hardshell option. That cushioning can help prevent breakage.

    Carbon Filter

    Plenty of the smell proof bags on the market come with an activated carbon liner. This liner is usually right between the outer shell layer and interior lining. It helps to get rid of any scents that might make their way through the bag.

    Integrated Locks

    Higher-end smell proof bags usually use integrated locks. These can help you to keep your privacy intact, and they can prevent others from getting into your bag. If you select a bag that has a double zipper, you can further secure it using a padlock if there is no locking system on the bag, but if you have a built in security combination lock, you are good to go.



    1. What are smell-proof bags for?

    Smell-proof bags are used primarily for hiding marijuana odor. They use carbon technology to absorb the smell completely.

    2. What makes a bag smell proof?

    A smell-proof bag uses activated charcoal technology in a material sandwich to absorb smells so that those around you cannot smell the contents.

    3. Do smell-proof bags work?

    Yes, if they use the correct technology. A proper Carbon Filter System will absolutely trap odors. To remove the smell from the bags, as highlighted above, you only need to throw them in the dryer for a few minutes.

    4. Does airtight mean smell proof?

    If something is 100% airtight, with a seal, it is also likely to be smell proof. However, you also want to pay attention to the material and if it works to trap odors and prevent them from escaping. The best smell proof container that absolutely will not leak any odor is a sealed mylar pouch or a hardshell sealed container made of hard plastic, glass or tin, like the Erozul metal CVault airtight container range or the HoneyStick hardshell carry cases for Vapes.  If you have one or more of these containing your goods in a smell proof bag, you are guaranteed not to have an issue with any tell-tale odor.

    5. Is a Ziploc pouch bag smell proof?

    Ziploc bags can be cleaned out without you smelling the last item that was being stored in the bag. With that said, they certainly are good to trap odor from a stash but it always a good idea to have you stash pouch bag inside  real smell-proof bag for complete protection peace of mind and to keep the sight of your goods from prying eyes. Though the mylar plastic is tough, it is a  thin walled plastic material, which means that it can be both punctured and ripped, so take care leaving your pouch in a situation where it would be susceptible to damage. The safest place for it is in your smell-proof bag.

    Final Verdict

    Any one of these bags could be considered one of the best smell-proof bags available, but you need to consider the size that best suits your need and purpose. We won’t select a top contender, because it really depends on the size you need, but for us, in times of limited travel, we really like the Exodus Smell Proof Case for its great storage design with the versatile compartments that can be modified for your particular goods and equipment. It seems to us a perfect medium size for going short distances and keeping all your cannabis goods organized, safe and not obvious.

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