Best Herb Grinder of 2019 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

If you are any kind of weed or cannabis user, then you’re going to be interested in our latest best product review guide as we’re specifically looking at the best herb grinders. We’ve selected five of the best around that will definitely make your life easier and should give you plenty of bud for your bang!

The best herb grinders need to be able to deliver a smooth grind, consistently and systematically cutting up your weed (or herbs, of course) into uniform and small pieces which are easier to burn and also give you a more potent and flavorsome blend. They come in particularly handy if you are looking for the holy grail – extra kick – of the highly concentrated kief. You most definitely need a grinder to accomplish that mission. So without further ado, let’s review the five best herb grinders on the market today, according to our latest research.

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Best Herb Grinder Reviews

Chromium Crusher 2.5 inch 4 piece Grinder

Getting the party started we’re looking first at a 2.5 inch, 4 piece grinding set from Chromium Crusher which is available in 2 different color options with everything from standard black to a pretty trippy fluoro rainbow pattern.

Product Highlights

Made from heavy-duty and seriously durable zinc alloy, the Chromium Crusher has to be one of the best around, and depending upon which color option you go for, has a clear top so that you can see the milling action as it happens. There’s an easy to operate handle for a convenient grinding operation, a magnet on the lid plus that all-important mesh filter screen so that you can collect the good stuff. They’ve even included a pollen scraper to make things even easier.

The design is excellent for anyone who struggles with their dexterity as the crank makes it so much easier to grind the buds, even if you do suffer from arthritic pain for example. It features sharp teeth which get to work in next to no time, and the price is pretty sweet, especially considering it comes with kief collector. Besides all of that, it also comes with a lifetime warranty so you can’t really ask for more.


  • 2 color options
  • Kief collector
  • Sharp teeth
  • Durable construction
  • Grinds evenly


  • Magnet is a bit weak

Golden Gate Grinders 2.5 inch 4 piece Grinder

Up next we’re looking at the Golden Gate Grinder which once again is a 4-piece kit with a 2.5-inch bore and is guaranteed by the manufacturer to last a lifetime. In classic black, it looks and performs the business and is pretty hard to beat if you’re looking for something that can seriously mill a decent batch of herbs, spices or weed.

Product Highlights

Constructed from premium aircraft-grade aluminum this Golden Gate Grinder is most certainly built to last, so there’s little surprise that the manufacturer is backing your purchase with a superb lifetime warranty. It’s optimally sized at 2.5 inches so that it can grind a decent batch of herbs in one go and the teeth are powerful and sharp but won’t rip or shred your contents. It’s got a good balance to weight ratio so that it feels comfortable in your hand and is easy to operate with textured sides on the lid that prevents slippage.

It offers a silent and smooth operation, and with powerful magnets on the lid, you can conveniently use your grinder to store any leftover weed or herbs you’re not quite ready to use yet, without fear of them spilling out or creating an unwanted odor. While the black anodized matte finish also looks very smart, it also has a practical application in that it makes this Golden Gate Grinder scratch resistant too. Tough and durable with sharp diamond cutting teeth and a stainless steel mesh filter to capture fine pollen, this really is an excellent choice.


  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Easy twisting thanks to thing poly O-ring
  • Stainless mesh pollen catcher
  • Strong magnet prevents accidental spillage
  • Supplied with convenient scoop


  • Bit messy to clean

Blue Aluminum Lightning 2.5 inch 4 piece Grinder

If you are looking for a cheap and cheerful and also very colorful grinder with a clear top so that you can see how the grinding action is going down, this Blue Aluminum Lightning grinder from Ben Yan’s Store might be just the ticket for you. It comes in a series of attractive colors each sporting that lightning grinder design which looks pretty neat.

Product Highlights

This is your commonly found 4-piece grinding device but what sets it apart design-wise, is that clear top with that unique lightning pattern grinder. Made from aluminum alloy, it’s robust and reliable and pocket sized. It won’t break the budget, and it’s not the most impressive of grinders overall, but it’s definitely functional and will certainly get the job done. It features smooth threading for secure closure and is highly recommended for its grinding capabilities.


  • Pocket sizes
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Smooth threading for easy closure
  • Good grinding action
  • Clear top


  • Magnetic top weakens over time

9 to 5 Grinders 2.5 inch 5 piece Grinder

If you’re looking for a larger sized, 5-piece grinder that features razor-sharp never-dull teeth to deliver a fluffy and fulsome grind every time, you’re going to love this next best herb grinder recommendation. It comes from 9 to 5 Grinders and is available in a stunning Copper and Rose Gold option as well as a Gun Metal and Matte Black design. This is one seriously sophisticated looking herb grinder which just so happens also to deliver exceptional results.

Product Highlights

With 5 pieces in total, this is the original 5-piece unibody jar grinder, and it’s guaranteed by the manufacturer to deliver a smooth grind, from 9 till 5. Made from sturdy and durable aluminum parts that have been chemically bathed and anodized, it's safe to use for all those herbs and spices and anything else you might care to grind in this sleek looking device. There’s a deep clear chamber so that you can see how much content you’re grinding as well as a nonstick nylon ring which ensures silent, smooth and effortless grinding results every time.

With a removable easy-to-clean screen as well as a smooth-edged kief dish, it’s easier than ever to collect and scoop out sifted pollen of the highest quality and potency. It’s the ideal size and easily fits in the palm of your hand, and is totally portable too, even coming with its own travel bag. The friction-free grinding teeth should ensure that you get the smoothest possible results and because it’s so easy to clean, old grinds should never taint or affect the flavor of any fresh batch of herbs you’re grinding.


  • Made from high-quality, durable materials
  • Functional and produces finely ground pollen
  • Easily separates kief
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Powerful earth magnets
  • Comes with a travel bag


  • Grinder does squeak a little

Masterdam Grinders 2.5 inch 4 piece Grinder

The final product we’ve selected for today’s best herb grinder review is from Masterdam Rolling Supplies and it’s their premium quality 4-piece kit which has been purpose built to expertly fluff and shred a wide range of dry herbs, and also at the same time maximize pollen collection in a separate and easy-to-remove base chamber. You guessed right from the name too, it was designed in Amsterdam where let’s just say that they have somewhat of a reputation for knowing their herbs.

Product Highlights

This 4-piece, good-looking black grinder set comes with strong curved lion’s teeth that the manufacturer claims shred better than standard diamond teeth. There’s also a reliable and robust neodymium magnetic closing top which keeps all those valuable contents secure. With a fine pollen screen, you can also very conveniently sift pollen from ground herbs to create a more potent blend, plus that rounded bottom chamber that sits on the base of the grinder makes it even easier to collect your kief or pollen.

This Masterdam grinder certainly looks and performs the part, is delivered in discreet cardboard packaging, and also comes with a separate silky black drawstring bag, so you can take your grinder with you on your travels. They’ve also included a pollen scraper tool, so there’s no waste, just maximum taste.

The slim nylon ring also prevents any unnecessary metal-to-metal contact when grinding which once again, ensures that you get to savor all of your herbs as they won’t annoyingly stick to the sides. We love the packaging, presentation and, of course, the performance of this Masterdam Grinder.


  • 4-piece grinder design
  • Lion’s tooth curved teeth
  • Secure magnetic closure
  • Perfectly sifts pollen
  • Durable, high-quality aerospace aluminum construction


  • Pollen catcher holes very small

Our Top Pick Herb Grinder

If you are wondering which herb grinder we like best, well we have two favorites:

We liked the Masterdam Grinder with the different designer tops, solid construction, innovative European design from Europe's cannabis capital, and nice the storage  bag. It was a hard decision but we gave it second place.

Our number one pick is the Golden Gate Grinder. We really liked the solid construction backed by a life-time warranty, the large capacity, smooth operation and the excellent magnetic seal lid that enables you to securely keep excess herbs in the grinder. This great grinder is housed in a simple but elegant finish that understates it's quality. We saw this as our 'Rolls-Royce' of herb grinders pick.

Buyer’s Guide


Your first decision when making any purchase is the budget you have available. Determine how much you want to spend on a new grinder as that will then determine which manufacturers offer options that are affordable and within your budget.

Build Quality

Of course, the build quality is important, and you should go for the best that you can afford within your budget. The best grinders are made from aluminum or from a mix of aluminum with acrylic. Aluminum is designed to last and to be durable over time, especially if it’s also titanium coated which will provide you with the best quality.

You can also opt for a more inexpensive grinder made from either wood or just an acrylic but these won’t offer such even and smooth grinding results and typically will only feature just the one chamber and be of a fundamental design and build.

Grinder Design

The design aesthetics of your grinder are a case of personal preference, and you can get all kinds of different shapes and sizes with various logos and designs emblazoned on them. What perhaps is more important to consider in terms of the actual design is how many chambers you require. There are roughly speaking three popular types of grinder referred to in both pieces and chambers, and those are as follows:

Two-piece – single chamber

Essentially this grinder design features a bowl with a lid and is typically shaped a little bit like a hockey puck.

Three-piece – two chamber

A lid and bowl feature as before but with an additional piece underneath that usually features holes and acts as a chamber to catch your weed. This bottom section is useful if you are grinding to create a pot consistency that you can more easily smoke.

Four-piece – three chamber

In a four-piece or three chamber design, all the elements above are included but with one extra collection chamber specifically intended to collect kief. This is the most delicate texture and the most potent too and is more akin to pollen.

Grinder Type

You have two main options when it comes to the grinder type – you can go for electric or manual. If you are regularly grinding, particularly larger quantities, you will most likely want to go for an electric type which will certainly save you time but of course, will be more expensive up front to purchase.


How to use an herb grinder

A grinder is a relatively simple but very effective tool to have around and certainly makes life easier and whatever you're choosing to grind, taste, smell and act more potently. Here’s our easy step-by-step guide on how to use a basic grinder. Of course, always refer to any specific instructions your herb grinder came with to ensure that you are getting the very best out of your own purchase.

  1. Load up your grinder, ready for action. Remove the lid and break up any larger buds into smaller pieces so that they get efficiently ground.
  2. Grind up your chosen contents. Replace the lid securely and hold it with one hand while you rotate the bottom with your other hand. Apply a bit of muscle and continue turning the grinder till you feel the resistance disappear and you’re happy you have the right herb consistency.
  3. Tap the grinder to dislodge the contents. Before you remove the lid, it’s a good idea to just give the collection chamber a good old tap against a table for example to dislodge any remnants that might have got stuck.
  4. Collect the herbs. Separate your grinding chamber from that collection chamber and scoop out those contents ready to enjoy that powdery goodness you’ve created.

Enjoy and savor the blend you’ve created. It’s over to you now to do what you do best and to enjoy the fruits of your labor the way you prefer the best!  Roll it, whip it, steep it, sip it – your choice.

A couple of essential top tips at this point in terms of how to use your grinder more effectively and to get the very best out of your experience:

  • Where possible and budget allows, we recommended that you go for an aluminum or zinc grinder and also choose one which has plenty of teeth and holes which will help you get a better power consistency
  • Don’t be tempted to overfill the chamber as this will inhibit that grinding process, and it’s also a good idea to turn the grinder upside down a couple of times too. Other than that, happy grinding!

How to clean an herb grinder

While grinders certainly don’t need to be cleaned anywhere near as often as pipes and other accessories, they should still be regularly cleaned to ensure they retain their sharpness and efficiency and don’t get gunked-up or blocked with residue. They’re relatively easy to clean, and the process won’t take long, so we do recommend that you are vigilant and commit to cleaning out your grinder regularly, especially if it's getting used frequently.

Simply disassemble your grinder and place the parts in the freezer for 30 minutes. We say that because this way, any residue will harden and stick to the sides so that it’s easier to tap it off. Remove the parts and give it all a good solid tap onto a piece of paper towel to dislodge all the gunk with something like a soft toothbrush or a paintbrush; sweep away any remaining particles taking particular care to get into the nooks and crannies and the threads of your grinder.

If you feel like your grinder really needs a deeper and thorough clean, we recommend that use isopropyl alcohol if you have an all-metal grinder to soak the parts in; for acrylic- and plastic-constructed grinders, just use boiling water and a soapy detergent solution.

How to make an herb grinder

If you don’t currently have the budget to buy a grinder or perhaps yours is presently broken and out of action, there’s no need to get into a bind. There are plenty of do-it-yourself options that you can temporarily implement to make your own effective herb grinder.

The most basic method of course is finger chopping, but that’s a bit basic unless you’re stuck on a desert island somewhere! You could instead try a good old chopping board and knife; after all, it works perfectly well for your vegetables so stands to reason you could adopt this method for cutting herbs too.

Alternatively, grab yourself a shot glass and a pair of scissors. Sounds simple but believe us, it works. Merely put your buds inside the shot glass then starting hacking at them with those scissors. As a final suggestion, if you do have one available, how about using your coffee grinder instead? Works like a treat for coffee beans so stands to reason it can work on your special herbs too.

Why do you grind weed?

Good question and actually, there are a few reasons why you might choose to grind your weed and not least because it’s going to enhance the potency significantly. Grinders just so happen to be an excellent accessory for anyone who loves their herbs and will definitely help you to get the most out of it both flavor and strength. If you are specifically grinding marijuana, then you can access the kief, that pure and potent part of the plant.

A grinder creates more consistent sized pieces, which increase the overall surface area, which in turn also makes it easier to burn your weed. Something called canoeing can happen if you don’t grind your weed, so by using a herb grinder you get a more even burn rate. It also means that you have to handle the grass with your hands less.

Besides these benefits, using a grinder will unlock more of the taste, flavor, and aroma from your weed. It’s also so much quicker than trying to create that perfect consistency by hand, and you’ll get maximum benefit and use from all your buds so, in theory, your stash should last you that bit longer too which should wind up saving you some cash.

What is a herb grinder?

A grinder is an essential piece of equipment and will really help you get your herbs or weed if that’s what you’re using it for, into precisely the right, fine consistency. Grinders also make the herbs you’re grinding more potent, maximizing the surface area and ensuring a more consistent texture and structure which of course has a ton of benefits, not least to the taste and smell as well as the potency.

Essentially most grinders come with three key component parts:

  • A grinding chamber
  • Teeth or pegs that do the actual grinding action
  • A secure lid to keep the contents contained

They might sound simple, certainly, their action is, but they can, in fact, be pretty sophisticated and you might go for one with a single, double or even a triple chamber, also known as a two, three or four piece.

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