Best CBD Vape Juice of 2019 – Complete Reviews With Comparison

To be able to take advantage of the physical and mental benefits that CBD liquids can produce you can use a vaping device to inhale CBD vapor.

Whether you are a smoker or a nonsmoker, the vapor can often taste unpleasant which can put you off using a vaporizer or some vape juices altogether.This is why many CBD vapers use vape juice in their device as these come with a huge variety of sweet and pleasant flavors as well as natural.

In this article, we are going to highlight four of the best CBD vape juice and provide you with further advice and information in the buyer’s guide which follows them.

Best CBD Vape Juice Reviews

1. Koi CBD E-Liquid

If you are someone who likes to try a range of flavors when you vape, then you will love this Koi CBD e-liquid. It comes with more flavor options than most other CBD vape juices.

Product Highlights

Let’s start with those flavor choices and go into some more details. Koi CBD vape juice come in no fewer than 9 different flavors, and if that wasn’t enough you can even mix it with your favorite e-liquid to make a unique taste.Unfortunately, Koi haven’t exactly made it easy for you when it comes to naming some of those flavors. For example, the one which is strawberry is called ‘red,’ and the vanilla one is called ‘gold.’ Thankfully, there is a fuller explanation of which flavor comes with each color on their website and vendor pages.Your choices don’t end with just choosing a flavor because Koi also offer you a range of strengths as well. The lowest is 100 mg which is ideal for first time user to get used to how CBD might affect them. Moving up you have 250 mg, 500 mg and the strongest one is 1000 mg.Although this is primarily designed to be used in vaping devices, for those of you don’t vape it is also possible to use this CBD liquid orally as a tincture.The benefits, which have been documented by customers using this Koi CBD e-liquid, are those you might expect such as pain relief, and reduced stress levels. There are also customers who have had relief from irritable bowel syndrome, migraines and seizures.

What’s to like about the Koi CBD E-Liquid

It is very rare that any CBD e-liquid comes with as many options as this one. With 9 flavor and 4 strengths to choose from, there has to be one that is right for just about everyone who wants to use it.

What’s not to like about the Koi CBD E-Liquid

On some occasions, it can leave your throat with a sense that it is rasping somewhat, and although it is not painful, it can be annoying.


  • check9 different flavor options
  • checkRange of strength option
  • checkCan be used orally or for vaping
  • checkHemp is harvested in US


  • Some flavors are very sweet
  • Rather pricey


2. Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Juice by CBDfx

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, this vape juice is one which may appeal as its flavor is very strong and one of the sweetest you are likely to come across.

Product Highlights

The fact its flavor is strong and very sweet means this vape juice may not be for everyone, but for those of you love anything which tastes sweet, and especially raspberry flavor, you are in for a treat.It would appear that CBDfx is leaning towards those who are either seasoned CBD vape users or people who like a stronger potency. Their lowest strength is 250 mg, and the other options are 500 mg and 1000 mg, so they’re not for the fainthearted.You can buy this CBD vape juice as a single 30 ml bottle, or if you want to stock up it can be purchased as a pack of six bottles. The prices are about average for the bottle sizes and strengths which they offer.All the strength options which CBDfx offer have their own lab analysis which can be checked and verified. Some of the main points from it show there are no THCs and the CBD purity is 92%. This is less than some which are up to 99% but itis still enough to promote the benefits that taking this CBD vape juice can produce.The hemp used for this product is grown organically, and the facilities in which it is produced are certified as CGMP, which means they comply with stringent quality controls and monitoring.

What’s to like about the Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Juice by CBDfx

It is good to see that this manufacturer is open about the lab tests which its product has been subject to and has published them for each of the specific strengths which they produce.

What’s not to like about the Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Juice by CBDfx

Although the sweet taste is pleasant to begin with if this vape juice is used to excess it can start to taste a bit sickly after a while.


  • checkFull lab test published
  • checkReasonably priced
  • checkProduced in CGMP certified facilities
  • checkSingle- or six-bottle options


  • Effects may not work for everyone
  • Bottle cap can crack if overtightened


3. Cannavape™ Hawaiian POG 120ml CBD Oil-Infused Vape Juice

What better way to conjure up images of relaxing and recharging your batteries on a Hawaiian beach, than a CBD vape juice with a tropical fruit flavor.

Product Highlights

As you may know, Cannavape™ is a company well known for producing a range of CBD liquids with refreshing fruit flavors. A glance at their website might have you mistaking them for a fruit drinks company rather than one which makes CBD products.The hemp used to produce the CBD is 100% natural and grown organically in Colorado. It is stripped of all traces of TCH so that there is no danger of any psychoactive effects nor a drug test failure.Other ingredients which are added are polyethylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and some flavoring. The ratio of VG to PG is 80-20 which  creates the vapor clouds when you are vaping.Their Hawaiian vape juice comes in a 120 ml bottle and has a strength of 100 mg which is ideal for getting started with. If you need a stronger CBD vape juice they also produce this one in both 500 mg and 1000 mg options.Users of this Cannavape™ vape juice have benefitted in many ways from using it. It appears it is particularly good for emotional and mental well-being. Stress relief and overcoming insomnia are just two of the reported benefits of using CBD vape juice.

What’s to like about the Cannavape™ Hawaiian POG 120ml CBD Oil-Infused Vape Juice

The tropical Hawaiian fruit flavor is excellent and adds greatly to the enjoyment of vaping with this CBD vape juice.

What’s not to like about the Cannavape™ Hawaiian POG 120ml CBD Oil-Infused Vape Juice

The filler tip on the bottle is less than helpful when you are trying refilling. It is so bad that you are better off pouring it into an eyedropper or similar and using that.

We are not fans of PG (polyethylene glycol) being an additive. PG in e-juice will give you flavor enhancement and throat hit with warmer vapor for your vape juice and the low viscosity is favored for leaving less residue build-up than VG. (VG is a bit sweet, tends to dull flavor but produces bigger vapor clouds being a more viscous liquid but also more residue. Some e-juices use a ratio blend of PG and VG)  PG is not an  additive we can give a tick for being totally benign for your health, so if you are chasing CBD to vape for health reasons, rather than just relaxation and fun with your friends, then this is probably not the vape juice for you and you should go for a pure CBD vape juice and not worry about an additive to intensify the flavor.


  • checkExcellent flavor
  • checkLow pricing for the size
  • checkOrganically grown hemp
  • checkChoice of strengths


  • Not the best for pain relief
  • Has been known to damage cartomizers
  • Contains PG


4. CBD Drip Vape Additive Range

CBD Drip by ECOSCIENCE delivers a high potency range of CBD additives. We looked at 3 strengths in the range:

CBD Drip Gold with 14.5+mg/ml (~250mg)- CBD Drip Platinum with 58+mg/ml (~400mg) –  CBD Drip Onyx with a highly potent 140+mg/ml (~1,000 mg). 

Each product contains pure, organic CBD in a 7 ml bottle. You can add this to your favorite vape e-liquid  or take it sublingually.

CBD Drip Gold

CBD Drip Platinum

CBD Drip Gold CBD Drip Platinum

14.5+ mg/ml in 7 ml bottle

Approximately 250mg total

58+ mg/ml in 7 ml bottle

Approximately 400mg total

CBD Drip Onyx


140+ mg/ml in 7 ml bottle

Approximately 1000mg total

Product Range Highlights

The CBD Drip range offers a great range of CBD additive strengths you can use to add to a vape juice. Onyx offers a very high potency which can be the choice from the range for extreme pain management. The Gold and Platinum this potencies are normally more than enough for most people to feel the beneficial effects of CBD. If you choose the 1000mg it  may even be too strong for some so take it in smaller doses to start with if you’re  unsure.The way this additive should be used is to mix it with your current vaping e-liquid or vape juice. This has no specific flavor, so you may have to experiment a little with other e-liquid flavors until you produce one which you like. The bottle comes with a a unique push-button dropper in the lid to make it easier for you to add the additive to your vape device.This vape additive only has two ingredients, which are the concentrated hemp CBD oil, and a blend of PG with vegetable glycerin (VG) to make the CBD ideal as a blend with your favorite e-juice. The organic, full spectrum CBD oil is the main active ingredient, and the VG/PG are a small additive addition as the carrier liquid and will give you vapor cloud blended with another e-juice.

CBD Drip products have been analyzed by SC Labs, a popular cannabis and hemp testing lab based in California. They found that this product contains small amounts of cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), and cannabidivarin (CBDV), three non-psychoactive cannabinoids with unique health benefits, and  less than 0.3% THC so you can be 100% confident that you will never fail a drugs test using CBD drip added to an e-juice or sublingually.Reviews of Liquid Gold vape additive are largely positive with users extremely happy with the benefits it has brought them. Improved relaxation seems to be one of the most common, along with improved sleeping patterns.

What’s to like about the CBD Drip  7ml Vape Additive Range

This vape additive seems to be one of the best at helping users experience improved levels of relaxation which has a number of positive knock-on effects for your general health, plus you get a choice for product strengths to choose from. We also really like the push-button dropper in the cap which makes extraction and transfer to a cartridge an easy matter.

What’s not to like about the CBD Drip 7ml Vape Additive Range

If you are looking for a totally pure CBD oil additive with no VG or PG, CBD Drip may disappoint with both added in small quantity to assist with an e-juice blending.


  • check Push-button dropper in bottle lid
  • checkGreat to aid relaxation
  • checkRange of strengths and lab report tests available.
  • checkOrganically grown hemp and a  full-spectrum CBD


  • Does contain PG and VG
  • Not completely THC free but 0.3 % acceptable


CPD vape juice is a product that many people feel reticent to try, not because they think there is anything wrong with doing so, but because they are confused by what it is they should be looking for in these products.If this sounds like you then you will want to read our buyer’s guide which will focus on 5 of the most important features, you need to consider when buying CBD vape juice. Even if you are a CBD vaping veteran, it will still be worth it for you to read through them to ensure your current CBD vape juice ticks all the boxes.


This is one of the main ways you can differentiate between CBD products including vape juices. It stands to reason that the stronger and more potent any CBD product is, the quicker and more effective it is going to be in providing the benefits that it is supposed to provide.Some CBD manufacturers will only produce a single-strength vape juice and therefore you have no choice but to use that, assuming everything else it has to offer meets your requirements. More commonly, products come with a range of strengths available, and some cover the whole spectrum.These normally start at 100 mg, and they go up as follows: 200 mg, 250 mg, 300 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg, 1,000 mg, 1,250 mg, 1,500 mg, and top of the shop is usually 2,000 mg. It will be unlikely that you will find a manufacturer who offers every single one of these, however, those that offer the broadest range allow you to alter the strength to suit your needs each time you purchase.


The flavors which people enjoy for anything they eat, or drink is very individualistic to them and it is exactly the same when it comes to CBD vape juice. What one person thinks is a disgusting flavor, another person will absolutely love.Most of the flavors that you will see vape juices coming in will be fruit based. Some will be easily identified with them being called ‘raspberry’ for instance, although others have been given a more cryptic name which means you may have to dig a bit deeper to see what flavor it is based on.Some manufacturers will only have one or two flavors that they offer, and others will have what seems like a dessert menu’s worth, with a choice running into double figures in terms of the different flavors they have available.One last point on this – do not assume that every vape juice will have a flavor ascribed to it. Some will be neutral, and the taste may or may not  be to your liking.  If you like everything else about it, you may want to mix that vape juice with a flavored e-liquid.

You should also be aware that PG is probably added to a vape juice where flavor is being pushed as a big part of the product. PG is a flavor intensifying agent but too much may not be good for your health and for this reason we are fine with a neutral flavored and pure CBD.


Any CBD vape juice worth considering should have details about its purity available and ideally, this should be in the form of lab-based test results. The top CBD products have little or no additives and the process by which they have been produced mean they have close to 99% purity.Obviously, the purer a CBD product is, the better, as it means fewer chemicals such as propylene glycol, which serves no real beneficial purpose and is often added purely to help create the vapor cloud.


The number of brands which exists within the CBD vape juice marketplace is extensive and to try to go through them all would take up another 10,000 words. Instead, we’ll mention those that we have reviewed.


Koi Selection

This Californian based CBD producer was only founded in 2015 but they have quickly built an excellent reputation in the CBD world for the purity of their products and the range of flavors they offer.


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This is another CBD company based in California, who offer a huge range of CBD products including vape juices, oils, vaping pens and even gummy bears which is a terrifically fun way to take CBD … but keep them away from the children.


This is one of the largest manufacturers of CBD vape juice, e-liquids, and vape pens. They also provide a wide range of strengths and flavors within their products.


When you are checking the price of each product remember to take into account their strength. This where you want to compare the value as opposed to the headline price. The price per mg is often a better way to compare competing products whereby you take the dollar amount and divide by the strength. For example, a 500 mg strength CBD costing $75 works out to $0.15 per mg. (75/500)

CBD Vape Juice F.A.Q.

What is CBD e-liquid?

As you may know e-liquid is used in vaping devices. To create the vapor for the user to inhale, a small heating element heats the liquid to boiling point, at which point it starts to evaporate. This principle is exactly the same for CBD e-liquids with the major difference being the substances within the liquid.CBD e-liquid, which is also sometimes referred to as CBD vape juice, will contain varying amounts of cannabidiols which are extracted from hemp plants. When users inhale the CBD e-liquid vapor these cannabidiols quickly enter the bloodstream and produce a number of benefits such as pain relief.

What does CBD vape juice do?

CBD vape juice is designed to allow the quick absorption into the bloodstream of cannabidiols which are present in the vape juice. The amount can vary from 100 mg all the way up to 2,000 mg. The reason vape juice is used is that inhaling is one of the quickest ways for the cannabidiols to enter the bloodstream and it also provides the highest bioavailability. This is the percentage of the active ingredients which cross over.

What causes CBD vape juice to get cloudy?

Most CBD e-liquids are clear, and they should stay that way when you are using them. There are one or two reasons why it may be cloudy. One is that the temperature is very low. In areas where the thermometer gets down into single figures, if your e-liquid has any flavors which are based on citrus fruits, you might see some cloudiness.Beyond that, cloudiness in an e-liquid is a sign that the formulation is not right, and you have to doubt that the quality of the ingredients used is all that they should be.Leaving CBD vape juice bottles out in direct sunlight or where there is a heat source can also cause the vape juice to go off, and one of the first signs of that is the vape juice becomes cloudy.

What is a good amount of CBD vape juice?

By amount we’ll assume this refers to the strength of the CBD vape juice in terms of the amount of CBD in it. There are no hard and fast on this because every individual’s body will react differently. The lowest strength is 100 mg, and this can often be all anyone needs before they feel the benefits of it, such as pain relief, and increased relaxation.For others, they may have to go to the other end of the scale with strengths of 1,500 mg or even 2,000 mg before they feel the effects. There is also the issue of CBD tolerance which means your body adjusts as you take CBD and the effect diminishes, so you may need to start using the next strength to account for that.

How do I vape CBD e-liquid?

If you’ve never vaped before, the first thing to say it is not the same as smoking, and certainly not as harmful. What you are inhaling is vapor, not smoke, so it should be fairly easy to master and there will not be the rasping or choking effect which anyone who has smoked will remember from when they smoked their first cigarette.With your vaping device switched on, once it indicates it has reached the required temperature, place your lips around the mouthpiece and gently suck for a second or two in a way similar to sucking on a straw. The vapor should enter your mouth, at which point you inhale it. At first, only suck for a few seconds until you get used it, and once you have you can inhale larger amounts.


All four of the CBD vape juices we have reviewed scored well, and it is no surprise that they all have a high number of positive testimonials and reviews from their customers.Having considered all four we believe the best CBD vape juice is the Koi CBD E-Liquid. It comes with a fantastic choice of flavors and we are sure that there will be at least one which will appeal to you.

Koi Selection

There is a decent range of strengths to choose from and the benefits which this CBD product can provide, cover an impressive number of aches, pains and ailments.

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    • Hi India,
      If you like e-juice with a flavor you can get CBD vape juice in different flavors too. If you are chasing big clouds and taste hit with PG and VG you can find these in some CBD vape juices. The big benefit with CBD is that it will be a change from nicotine bases e-juice which is very addictive and you may find that you can substitute CBD for the e-juice. CBD vape juice has better health benefits for you than nicotine but the effects can be different. CBD will help you feel relaxed whereas nicotine is a stimulant. For me, if I need a stimulant, coffee does the trick. Try CBD with the intention that you want to feel relaxed and de-stress and I think you will be very happy with the result. You will find that some CBD oils do have slightly different effects based on the cannabis strain and the terpenes in that strain (see the Pinnacle CBD information). Personally, I like CBD that has no additives or flavors and is full spectrum such as hemplucid.

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      I think the e-liquid craze emerging as a replacement for smoking has been heavily driven by the range of flavors in recent years. So the core of the issue is that e-liquids contain nicotine and but are a much healthier alternative to smoking and can help people quit or reduce the impact of smoke on their lungs.
      The addition of many flavors has taken the vaping industry into a new area and the risk here is that many of the additives used to create flavors carry health risks in themselves. This puts pressure on the argument that vaping is better than smoking (which it is).
      The problem with many of the chemicals used to create flavors is that heating them changes them and can make them dangerous to inhale and these are not fully understood yet. Smoking also carries a lot of dangerous chemicals released by the combustion of tobacco, but studies seem to indicate that the quantity of the chemicals taken in with a cigarette is much higher than using a vape in a single use situation. Having said that vaping is still healthier for you and you are right in saying that CBD oil is healthier still.
      If you use a CBD oil (that can be vaped) or a CBD vape juice that has no flavoring additives then you really have a very healthy alternative to e-juice without the addictive nicotine. The message is slowly getting out there to vape users to try CBD.
      A final footnote to this is a recent study of 2,000 medical marijuana users in Canada which revealed that many on the program were able to quit cigarettes (nicotine addiction), alcohol, prescribed drugs etc when using medically prescribed cannabis, so perhaps using CBD vape juice or even dry herb marijuana in a vape can help break an addiction to nicotine-based e-liquids.

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