Are Vaporizer Devices Likely to Catch Fire or Explode? Preventative Safety Steps to Follow

Change always brings misunderstanding and fear. This is the reason why new ideas, even the greatest ones, get frequently shot down. The same goes for new methods of doing things that we have already done for a long time, like smoking.

We are referring to the act of vaping, which is the method of breathing in substances, like nicotine and cannabis compounds, using a heating element powered by a battery. This is opposed to smoking, where you are required to burn substances and breathe in the smoke it creates.

The problem with smoking, though, is the elements created by the combustion process. Since you’re burning substances, it is bound to create carcinogenic materials, which will probably cause respiratory health issues in the long run.

What’s even worse is that it gets riskier when you’re smoking weed, which we tend to breathe in deeper and hold in longer. This is the reason why we advocate vaping as a healthier alternative to enjoy not just your nic-hit, but your weed too.

Are Vaporizer Devices Dangerous?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably already heard of the controversies surrounding vape devices, stories that have circulated in the media based on a few unfortunate events that vaporizers generally  have the tendency to burst into flames, or worse, explode. This leads people to doubt the safety of vaping.

After all, you might not suffer from the respiratory effects of smoking, but at least your face is intact, right? That might be true; if only that really were the case.

What the news reports don’t exactly tell us is that these incidents were usually caused by human error and that they can easily be avoided if users only know how to choose their vaping gear properly and stick to quality devices. Also, they must learn the safe way of using the device’s battery, which is, by the way, the piece that has exploded in some cases and not the actual vaporizer!

If you are wondering how to do just that, then you’ve come to the right place because those are the topics that we are going to talk about here. We are going to teach you how to choose a quality vaporizer and, later on, share with you some tips on how to use your battery safely.

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Choosing a Safe Vaporizer

Let us start by talking about how to choose the safest vaporizer device. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Go for pure titanium and not titanium alloy.

There are different kinds of titanium, and if the manufacturer of your vape mod—the term sometimes used to refer to vaporizers—didn’t state the grade of the titanium used on your unit, then it’s probably made of just a titanium alloy.

What’s wrong with that? Well, this is the material used by your device as the heating element, and many alloys are not tested for their health risks yet. Of course, it will also help greatly if you try to research and learn more about the different materials used in vaping units yourself.

Choose a vaporizer that allows you to control its temperature.

You should be wary of “full mech” mods. These are vaporizers that don’t allow you to regulate their temperature and just heat up using the full power of the battery. They are more prone to overheating compared to variable temperature control mods, which give you full control over your device, including the wattage and ohms of your choosing. The other side to this point is that overheating your oil, concentrates or herbs can destroy the value of the terpenoids and other elements you want from your material and may also turn these materials into dangerous compounds the way burning materials can do. Some cheaper vape units may run too hot and you want to avoid this by choosing a unit that allows you to dial down or dial up the temperature, giving you full control.

Some units have more safety features than others.

Since we are already in the topic of variable mods, these are also the vaporizers that usually come with more safety features such as preventing auto-firing and an automatic shut-off mechanism when the device gets too hot.

More Tips on How to Care for Your Battery

Aside from the tips we have mentioned above, as promised, we are going to share more tips on how to care for your device’s battery. This is to further lessen the risk of your unit catching fire or exploding.

Keep your batteries in good condition.

If you notice a small nick, replace it immediately. Battery wraps are very cheap, and rewrapping only takes a minute or two. If that nick goes beyond the wrapping, we recommend replacing the battery instead. Don’t put your safety at risk.

Use quality vaping accessories.

Never use counterfeit batteries. Don’t skimp on getting a dedicated battery charger. Finally, never use another digital device’s charger to charge your mod even if the ports fit.

Always turn off your unit when not in use.

Don’t leave your battery inside your mod when it’s not in use, especially if it’s going to be inside your bag where it can accidentally fire, which is the term used to refer to activating your mod.

The best way to store your vaping gear is by removing your battery and putting it in a designated battery case. Also, when you’re recharging, never leave it unattended. Of course, it doesn’t matter how high quality your charger or battery is, never charge your battery overnight!

Discard damaged batteries.

We have already mentioned above that you should discard batteries that are nicked or scratched. The same rule applies to batteries that have been wet or submerged in water. Don’t attempt to dry them and reuse them.

Batteries are not meant to be used forever, and your soaked battery seems to have reached the end of the line. Invest in your safety and get a new one instead.


By keeping the tips we have shared with you in mind, we’re sure that you will be able to enjoy your cannabis, minus the harmful chemicals, and your vaping, without any worries of blowing your lips off.

In the end, what we advocate is for more people to enjoy their cannabis products in the healthiest and most convenient way possible. We believe that it can be done through vaping.

If you need more information about vaping and batteries, then please feel free to explore more of our website’s articles. We’re sure that you will find them equally as informative as this one. Enjoy vaping and stay safe!

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